NY Power outage, Save the Eggs!


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
NY Tri State region
I'm sure I'm not alone.... I woke up to a foot of snow,& no power. My bators are full of eggs
The temp was at 90 & dropping fast. I though about bringing a hen in to sit on some,but I couldn't decide which eggs to neglect & which to save. I didn't want to loose any. So I heated rocks on the wood stove, & stuck them in the bators. Their holding at around 100. If it doesn't work this is gonna set me back a month. Not to mention my financial loss. Fingers crossed .... I have to go home & change my rocks.... Peace!
OH, BEST of luck with heating the rocks! Put a nice, thick blanket over the bator, too - that'll help keep the heat in!
I've never Incubated (still very new) But can you put the incubator in the car or truck to help heat it? (I have one of those power converters in my truck).

Sorry to hear and best of luck !
Oooh, great idea Peeps! Luckily ours came back on shortly after it went out. The news is saying alot of people lost power. Luckily it's warm enough that the snow is falling off the trees fairly quickly. Best of luck with your hatch, hope they all are ok. Carrie

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