O_o I must have a Brain Tumor......


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Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
I have always been 'dead-on' in the past with sexing my Muscovies so this is driving me nuts...it's the only explanation, I must have a Brain Tumor!

In the last month I was wrong about 'Teddy' being a boy, BUT i tossed that aside, he wasnt from 'My' lines.

BUT NOW...I was out 'playing' with the ducks and realized my adorable little 'Montie' is a GIRL!!!

It's really not that big of a deal since i already have Sidney for my blue/black/silver girls, but MAN does that bother me.... She had WAY bigger feet than everyone else before.

I've been watching & staring at the 3 youngest babies the last few days to make sure i'm not wrong about them.
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Aww bleenie! Its not nice to joke about a womens shoe size! I must say though That Your Montie sure is Purdy! And doesnt have enough carnucles to be a stinky boy anyway. lol
Everyone was too young still. i got rid of my broody buff hen months ago.

but then again, a puppy we have found 4 bad eggs somewhere, they Obviously weren't muscovy.

Nibbles is on a nest of her eggs, but im keeping her, she's one of my muscovy girls.

Maybe i just really WANTED her to be a he, lol. or she just grew faster than the others.
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