Obsessed Rooster: Has Anyone Experienced This Type of Behavior?

Nov 29, 2020
I love my little man Birdo. He has had a unique personality since he was a week old. A year later, the best way I can describe him is: obsessed with me.

I joke about his behavior, such as the paragraph below “Birdo’s Perspective.” People probably think I am crazy or exaggerating when I tell them these stories.

Birdo’s Perspective: My favorite activity is to sit in my human lady’s lap. I also like to walk around the perimeter of the house and follow her from room to room. I then sit and gaze at her through the windows and sing her beautiful songs of my people until she comes and gives me attention.
When I hear my human lady return home, I run as fast as I can and scream at the top of my lungs to greet her. I then do a little dance at her feet until she picks me up and gives me snuggles. When she is outside, I must be with her enjoying relaxation time, such as laying in the hammock, swinging on the porch swing, or simply sitting on her.

However, when I tell people I have a very strange rooster who is obsessed with me, this is what I mean. When he knows I am home (because my truck is in the driveway), he will sit on the front patio and stare in the house through the window ALL day. I have 6 other free range roosters and 2 hen+1 rooster in a run. They will all be in the backyard, but he would rather be by himself in the front window trying to figure out what I am doing. When he gets really impatient, he will stand at the threshold of the front door and crow continuously until I open the door and say he to him.

Has anyone else ever experienced this type of behavior?


Dec 28, 2020
We have one close but not quite that bad and he does it to my daughter most but to all of us really. We need attention I guess because we like how attentive he is. He’s sweet and really likes to be picked up and held or walked around.

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