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    Jul 23, 2014
    i have a 18 month Australorpe and she recently started a strange behavior..at first it appeared as if she was broody. she held her feathers poofy and wings out..but she recently added a head bob..kind of a swing...anybody see the Seinfeld episode when Elaine dances..its like that ! so ODD..well she continues to due this 4 weeks now, im thinking shes been ineffected with a parasite...any ideas out there..thanks

  2. The dancing like Elaine is what worries me now that was odd the first time I saw it and to imagine a chicken doing that wow ....... Not good ......

    Is she free range or locked in a coop all day ????

    What is she eating ????

    Are you putting anything in the water ?????

    Did you give any meds yet ?????

    And 4 weeks you say ......

    Any head twitching not bobbing but twitching ???????

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