Odd behaviour that could be bad


Oct 4, 2021
Knoxville, Tennessee
I have a chicken that once separated I noted that so long as she doesn't need to react to anything she's fine. However she acts almost like it takes her like 1.5 seconds too long to realize she needs to correct. Her balance is fine on flat land, but if she has to "scurry" she'll stumble, and I guarantee she can't roost. She can jump up into a laying box, and that's how she's been sleeping. She stays in the box most of the time now. Though she can jump up, and walk on our perches until she gets to the box. It should be noted that it started as a limp- I couldn't find a wound and declared it a sprain or something. It should be noted that this determination was made a couple of weeks ago, and due to business, temperature (mid 90s for like a week, I figured it was best to keep her with the flock cause I knew it wouldn't be dangerously hot on her) I was only able to really seperate her yesterday.
Right now she's down in the coop cause I figured being alone the fireworks would terrify her, and it's not what I'ld call emergency.
When I'm carrying her she's almost limp in my hands, but what makes it concerning is that even if I put my finger in the "palm" of her foot she barely bothers to curl her toes around it. I don't know if I screwed up leaving her so long. Heck these oddities had me thinking stuff like "did she eat something that gets chickens high" or that it's neurological. Nonsense( especially the former) but I think having too many details is a blessing, if a tedious one.
Many things can cause neurological symptoms. Head trauma, over heating, eating toxic plants, diseases like Mareks, nutritional deficiencies. Is she very thin? That can cause them to be weak, and wobbly. Generally you check their breast bone which should be prominent but not sharp. Also check for external parasites which can drain them dry.

Probably not much you can do but provides supportive care. Maybe some electrolytes in the water for a few days. See how she does. My guess is she's been slowly developing a problem, and you now are just noticing it.
That's fair. She's always been one of my thinnest birds, she's just slim. I read an article on mereks, then a page with a few illnesses causing neurological problems, and it's definitely nothing as serious as most of the things there. After reading what I found there I think one manner of deficiency or another has caused it, and this heat probably pushed it past the point of what she could deal with. I'll be checking her in the morning; I'll update then likely asking about ways to get her whichever vitamin she seems short of.
Okay finally posting.
So this morning she was actually mostly fine. I think I got a little over-worried cause she would go almost limp in my hands- I think she just really likes being held and carried around- she's super curious.
That being said her comb is a bit pale, though her breast bone is no different to her mer hefty flock mates. I don't think it's servere enough for a diagnosis, but her symptoms see to fit Perosis, and the heat likely pushed her to the point of being a little alarming. As per that article, treatment is bholine, B vitamins, and manganese. I may as well be an off the grid homesteader because this site is the only resource I have access to for my chickens. Anyone know any human food that's safe for them and provides these? Obviously extreme moderation is key, but this is the only way I can think to get any supplements into her, as I have no access to prescriptions or anything.

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