Odd, drooling chicken?

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    Jul 21, 2010
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    I had one chicken being pecked. I peeped the offenders and bluekoted the pecked bum. It seems that under the pecked hens beak, and down the neck a little seems wet or oily. I had put it off to rubbing the bluekote soon after spraying, and with all the snow and rain it's been pretty wet here. It is troubling me now because it seems stay there and not go away at all. I have 5 others and none of htem have it so I'm guessing that it isn't from the wet ground.
    How do you know Corza? Nothing smells bad, but what might it smell like if it were. It's hard to tell now with tons of snow and them being inside so much. Their coop has to be cleaned more often and some areas were frozen so I couldnt' get it out. That once a week it thaws, of course there is a bit of a smell so it's hard to tell if the chickens themselves smell. (does that make sense?)
    Anyway, what would corza smell like? This seems more like drooling, but then I saw people talkign about runny noses so, maybe it's that. I've had chickens but never a sick one so I"m very curious on what to do while it's still basically otherwise healthy.
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    I've been battling what I believe is coryza for two weeks now with a young pullet. The smell is gross, particularly around the face (trust me, you'll know). Mine had clear liquid coming out of her nostrils, was gasping and had clear slime in her mouth. I'm new to chickens and illness, so I've been reading and taking advice from others here on the forum. I had her on Sulmet for approx. 6 days and the drainage, slime and smell are gone, but her eyes are still shut (she walks around blind). After the Sulmet treatment, I've been spraying her with Oxine 3x/day for the past several days...will try that for a full 10 days. I also added vitamins and electrolyte powder to the food and ACV in the water, and neosporin to the eyes. So far, two weeks later she's still not well, but slightly better. Eats and drinks but isn't thriving. I'm going to keep trying for a little longer because I only have a few chicks that I hope will lay eggs for me, and will plan to keep the flock closed. Best of luck to you!
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    I was thinking of a crop problem. I'd check the crop, make sure it is full late in the day and empty in the early AM; simplest if you compare it to the others'. Lots of info on the FAQ page if you suspect a sour or impacted crop; I've never dealt with one.

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