Odd egg inside *GRAPHIC*


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Aug 23, 2010
State of confusion
It is even a bit gross to me but....yesterday I found an odd egg in the coop in the shavings we put under the roosts. It was round, not oblong like most eggs are, a washed out brown and rough on the outside. This morning I cracked it open and this is what greeted me. Not sure what is going on or wrong, so if anyone has any ideas, please share with me. I suspect one of my older hens laid it and they are at the end of their cycle:

The yolk itself was hard, it was covered in what looked like tiny spider veins, and when I cut it open, it was a bright yellow yolk:
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One of my hens just laid an egg like this any new info?!
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This is a very old thread and the OP @CariLynn appears to be no longer active.

Bloody eggs happen, sometimes it's just a one off glitch, blood vessels can break in the egg formation process.
If it continues to happen, more investigation would be prudent.
Had a bird this summer that laid 3-4 then no more.
Makes you break your eggs into separate bowl before adding to pan or recipe for awhile tho.

Might want to browse this search for more info:
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