OD'd on grit and oyster shell?


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My 7mo BA hen has had a very full crop for the last three days or so. She isn't acting terribly different, the crop just looks uncomfortable to me. She is eating and drinking as normal. I felt the crop and it's semi hard, but I can feel all the grit and oyster shell in there. I put out a bowl full of the grit/shell to free feed from and I think that's all she ate. Any suggestions? I don't want to express her crop if it's shells and grit -it might hurt. Thank you for your help!
I think I'll take her out and give her all the yogurt she wants, thank you!
I had a hen about a year ago that seemed to gravitate more & more to the grit...it ended up that she was ill. My vet told me that they will often eat too much grit or shell when they are ill, because they come to think (somehow) that when they're not feeling well, their regular feed was the cause of it. I'm sure that's not your issue, though! Even if they have just crumbles or pellets, that will feel "gritty" in their crops when you palpate, too.
Well, she is ignoring the yogurt
She's more concerned with her sisters goings on...she's low girl on the totem pole and uncomfortable getting first dibs on a treat. I'll offer her the bread soaked in olive oil. Thank you all.
She's eating the bread soaked in (cold pressed) extra virgin olive oil. Spoiled thing! I'll repost if there's a change...
have you checked her crop first thing in the morning yet? before she ate anything? I wouldnt jump to conclusions without first determining if there is a problem or not. A full crop is a good thing to have each day especially at only 7 months old. As long as it empties by morning.
She's low on the totem pole, but still gets her share. I've seen it. Her crop has been baseball size constantly for a few days. She scarfed the bread/olive oil and is still acting normal, just a little front heavy

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