Ode to a Good Rooster


11 Years
May 12, 2008
Hat's off to my top Roo, Yoshi! A Kestral (Hawk) visited us this morning and I heard the chickens screaming...
I grabbed my shoes and the dogs and went running. There were no birds to be seen--I had seen the hawk roosting near my coop in a tree. There were feathers everywhere--I mean everywhere--but no blood. I found them hunched under a big pine tree and a head count showed everyone but the tiniest babies. I could not tell if any were missing as the mothers were super protective.
Let us know if all the babies show up.

The momma should start calling them out of hiding shortly.

Don't know if you have ever witnessed a hawk attack on momma and babies but it is quite the seen. The momma will take the hawk on head first and the babies scatter in every direction and can hide in the darnest places.
All babies are in! My Roo has some wounds to his neck and tail and my sole BO looks like she took a talon to the eye and face. They won the battle, but I know this hawk will be back to continue the war. To top it all off--one of the neighbors complained about the symphony of Roosters and that I have my birds free ranging across the lawn. The hawk was a symbol of predators looming and I think this will be a nasty battle. Not that I don't think I am right--I checked the PA Code and County Ordinances before I began--but they are not coming after me for the birds but for a violation of the noise ordinance.
How can I think of giving up the flock patriarch? He and his fellow cockerels and Roos are part of the family...The falcon is circling all of us...
I have heard that if you put a "fake owl" up the hawks will be too scared to come around. But I am sure if it will scare a hawk it will scare your chickens.

Good rooster you got there, and I am glad all the babies are safe and sound!
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