% of hatch after 7 day candling


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Oct 1, 2008
Northern Colorado
I am wondering if any of the frequent hatchers can use their experience to answer a fairly general question. I just candled 36 shipped eggs (7 days). All but 4 showed every sign of being a "good" egg, with veins and all. Assuming I have no issues with temp, turning humidity, what % of those eggs should I expect to hatch? In other words is the first candling the most crucial? I know lots of things can still go wrong but the incubator has been right on the money with temp so that should be OK.

Whatta ya think?
Thanks for the bump. As many hatchers as there are I assumed I would get many quick responses. I have also discovered it takes new members a bit of time to get noticed. Kind of like moving into a new neighborhood. It just takes some time.
I cannot answer your question, my first batch are in the 'bator now. I used a broody hen for my first hatch LOL

Good luck! I hope you have a good hatch.
First candlings will tell you growth, lots of things can happen to cause quitters from 1st candlings to 2nd and 3rd. A 50% hatch rate is a really good one for shipped eggs. Anything can and will happen sometimes, I have had zero hatches to 90% on shipped eggs.

Temps, humidity, oxygen levels, turnings, opening the bator, climate and house temps all play a part. Lots of times you never know why one will quit.

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