"Off-grid" coop - need help designing light system

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    Hey all,
    My coop and run is about 200 feet from my house, which is the closest source of power. I'd like to be able to provide some supplemental light for a few hours each morning, like 4am to 8am. Also would like like the ability to turn on a light temporarily when I go out there after dark.

    I have the idea in my head - I'm thinking of a deep cycle marine battery, an inverter, a timer, and a small solar panel on the roof of the coop to keep the battery topped off. Has anyone here built this type of light system before? I need to take this from theory to reality, and I need help knowing exactly what parts to buy, sizes of inverter and solar panel, etc etc.

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    I do not have full solar set up, nor do I provide supplemental lighting, but I do go out after dark regularly to check on things and lock up for the night and have found this to be an easy solution to light. I have a solar powered motion sensor light similar to this.


    I hang it on a screw on the outside of the coop. If there are predators lurking the light goes on. If I walk out to the coop the light goes on. It is small and easily hand held, so if needed I grab it off the hook and take it with me like a flashlight or you can move it to a hook inside the coop while you are working in there and hang it back in its spot when you are done. It will recharge the next day and automatically shut off once you leave. It has worked out pretty well. I do agree that for the supplemental winter lighting you will likely need something more extensive. If you do a search on BYC for solar powered coop you will find some great articles and posts on other people's solar setups. Some even include things like a parts list or link to purchase the components online. I'm sure if you sent a PM to any of the folks that have made solar coops in the past they would be happy to answer questions along the way.
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    You know, I've looked at lights like that, and if I could find something with a timer that would charge during the day, but not not come on until say 4:00 am and then go off at 8:00 am, that'd be awesome. I'll do some more searching on BYC too, thanks!
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    Each time you "convert" electricity you loose... get 12v LED lights and skip the inverter. They make 12v timers.

    BTW 200' is nothing to run power to... 12-2 w/g UL direct bury and you have 15 amps of power.

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