Ended Official BYC Contest - NEW BYC MEMBERS - Win a BYC calendar! ENDS 4 APRIL


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Every day loads of new members join our wonderful community and to say a special :welcome to you all, we are running a contest just for you! For a limited time (end date subject to availability of prizes) you all can enter this lucky draw contest and stand a chance to win one of our beautiful 2019 BYC calendars!

How to enter and rules:

1. Must have joined as a new member from 14th January onwards and posted an introduction thread with answers to all the questions in the Sample Questions Template. Please note: you need to copy the questions from the template and post it along with your answers in a new thread.

2. Enter by replying to this thread with a link to your introduction thread, which must be posted in the New Member Introductions forum section.

3. Duplicate or alias accounts by older members will not be accepted (yes, we can and do check ;) )

If you need any help with the link copying, tag me or one of the moderators (@Yorkshire Coop @TwoCrows)

We're going to randomly draw one entry from this thread every 1-2 days (depending on how many entries we get) and each winner will receive a 2019 BYC Calendar!

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