Ended Official BYC Mini Contest - Broodies and Babies

Sara L

Free Ranging
Aug 14, 2017
Northern California

Spring time usually means broody hens and new chicks and we would love to see yours! Take a pic of your broody hen (any fowl species accepted) and show us!

Rules and how to enter:

* All entries must be submitted as a reply to this thread
* Only 2 pictures per member—each constituting one entry—will be accepted (one picture per post please)
* The picture needs to be taken by you and within the last year
* No fake editing, photoshopping or captions please
* Have fun!


There will be TWO winners and each will receive a 3-month Premium Feather Member upgrade (byc-premium-feather-membership-upgrade-pfm.47730)

We will be accepting entries until and including Friday 31 May 2019.
This is "Rose", she sat on 6 eggs under my mom's roses in the garden and hatched 4 so far. The 5th is pipping now, she moved off the egg a little when I checked how many had hatched.

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