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Sep 3, 2019
Like glassdragonfly said, I like to re-use junk. I built this coop from left-overs. The framing lumber was excess from a garage construction. The windows were salvaged from a home remodel as was the door. And best yet, was the outside siding. Slabs from a local lumber mill.
So consider this as my 2nd entry. Enter it under the category Scrounging. :D

Note to BYC admins: How about another mini contest about re-purposing old pallets?

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Wow! That came out great!


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Jan 29, 2018
SW Montana

It started with a water garden. When gardening, why not dream big? So when my husband and children went away to visit grandparents for a few weeks, I dug and hauled rocks and liner and plants, and created a small water ecosystem complete with fish and frogs and water lilies that is still going 18 years later:

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I enjoyed creating that garden so much that next year I took a spade and dug up another area of the yard. This time I planted a garden of hostas and astilbes under two tall spruce trees.

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I didn't stop there. I kept digging and digging, putting in a new garden each summer. I had become a hosta fanatic, and before I came to my senses ten years later, I had planted over 110 hostas of 70+ varieties all around my yard. The gardens were gorgeous - but I had to weed them every year!!

Of course I have more than just hostas. Mainly I have shade plants because I live under large trees. I've planted various ferns, wild geraniums, bleeding hearts... And I have over 400 irises, all of them Siberian irises that look spectacular for one stunning week in early June.

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Naturally I photograph my flowers and gardens because my #1 hobby is photography :) I'm not an expert gardener and I don't make money at it, but I have learned a lot about gardening over the last 20 years. Perhaps one of the most important things I learned is how to keep deer from eating my 110 hostas so that my gardens continue to look good all summer.
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Oh my goodness, your gardens are so beautiful! I love, love, love hostas. One of these days I'll have a hosta garden. I'll have to save this page to refer back to yours! Just lovely :love

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