Official BYC Poll: Do Your Chickens Go Inside Their Coop When It Snows?

Do Your Chickens Go Inside Their Coop When It Snows?

  • My chickens are tough--they stay out no matter what!

    Votes: 5 3.0%
  • Some birds go in, while others prefer to stay out

    Votes: 52 31.5%
  • They prefer to stay outside, under cover

    Votes: 37 22.4%
  • They only go inside when it's snowing really hard

    Votes: 24 14.5%
  • My fair-weather flock returns to the coop

    Votes: 43 26.1%
  • It doesn't snow where I'm located

    Votes: 25 15.2%
  • Other (elaborate in a reply below)

    Votes: 22 13.3%

  • Total voters

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Feb 22, 2009
It's winter - meaning it's snowing in some areas. Although the common expectation is for all your chickens to hurry on inside the coop you might get a few rebels since each chicken has its own personality, just like us humans. So: Do Your Chickens Go Inside When It Snows?

Place your vote above, and please elaborate in a reply below if you chose "Other".

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Jul 10, 2009
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My Coop
Due to my location they haven't had to cope with significant snow. The half inch we got one day last winter didn't impress them. The flurries on Monday kept most of them inside either the coop or the other shelter while the "rooster" (7-month-cockerel), stayed out to keep an eye on the situation.

Rain rarely phases them. The original 5 happily foraged in their pen between the rain bands of multiple tropical storms during the summer of 2020.


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Jul 3, 2016
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My Coop
I picked a bunch of options.

If there's already snow on the ground when they wake up, they will not come out of the coop. I need to shovel some pathways or throw down some litter, and then kick them out for them to come out and stay out.

If there's not already snow but it starts snowing, some will stay out and huddle under cover, others will start making their way inside, depending on how heavy and how long it lasts. But their preference is to remain out whenever possible.

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