Official BYC Poll - Which aspect of keeping chickens do you enjoy the most?

Which aspect of keeping chickens do you enjoy the most?

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Mar 5, 2019
SE Missouri, USA
I clicked several, but also "other." For me, "other" is that my chickens are just generally comforting and therapeutic in many ways that I didn't think any of the other choices really indicated. Companionship isn't really it for me because I don't cuddle them or talk to them like I do my dog or cat, and we do eat them, which I never would my other pets. But I enjoy watching them interact with each other, and listening to their conversations, the way they purr and whirr and communicate. I find them soothing. They're not like wild birds or wild animals you can't get close to, or only rarely get a glimpse of; they're kind of on that border between wild and domestic. They're like wild animals we can walk among. They trust us almost enough to let us get close enough to touch, but not quite. I like that symbiosis.


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Jul 10, 2009
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I just introduced my grandchildren to my chicks.

The chicks were frightened at first because an almost 5yo and an almost 3yo are loud, noisy, and move in an erratic manner -- especially when excited by the prospect of seeing real, live CHICKENS for the first time.

But after a little while the kids observed dust-bathing*, foraging, short flights, and chicks being herded to bed. They even got to pet a chicken because the traffic jam at the pop door is the one time I can actually catch and hold a chicken.

It was delightful despite the fact that I'm dead-tired from work. :)

*If a mixture of damp sand and compost can be considered "dust". The chickens were having a blast digging in it and wallowing in it regardless. Omelet, one of the Light Brahmas, came out looking absolutely muddy, but she was obviously enjoying it tremendously.

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