Official definition of "chicken math"

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    A friend who will be helping me build my coop asked how many chickens I planned to have and I told him, “Four to six but that doesn’t take into account chicken math.” When he asked what chicken math was I thought about it for a moment and remembered something called Hofstadter’s Law. It goes…

    Everything will always take longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.

    So I propose this as the official BYC definition of chicken math…

    Chicken math; chik’-uhn. māth (noun) The phenomena in which no matter how many chickens you expect to own or for which you build your coop, you will end up with more than that number, even when you take into account chicken math.
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  3. I'd say you have earned an A++! Go to the head of the class, you definitely understand what you are getting into!
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    You forgot to include the fact that Chicks and new hatchlings don't count in chicken math. There is an entire thread about 496 or so pages long that uses and talks about chicken math a lot. Chicken (Poultry) Addiction Anonymous Chat Thread.
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    Then there's chicken trigonometry, by which the number of chickens compounds itself and confounds all involved parties.

    How many chickens do I have? 50-plus? NO! Not really.... if you can't count eggs before they hatch, you can't count chicks before they mature. Heck, you can't even count chicks because they are always moving! No count could possibly be accurate. Therefore, every cockerel and every pullet DOESN'T count. Duplicate breeds, they can't possibly count - are you sure you aren't counting a bird more than once? That can't be accurate.

    How many chickens do I have? A crapload. <*waffling hand*>
  6. Frithest

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    How many chickens do I have? A crapload. <*waffling hand*>

    I'm still laughing over this.
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    I have passed Basic Chicken Math with flying colors
    Also have passed chicken algebra 1 + 2 + 3 and also Chicken Trig. I am currently working on Chicken Calculus but I'm ACING IT! lol

    Great definition!


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