Official Unveiling of my RARE COLOR Booted Bantams


Poultry Princess
12 Years
Jul 16, 2008
North-West Georgia
I have been sitting on this for some time as I kept holding my breath and waiting for the deal to fall through. I just knew that this would not come to pass due to something, but fate has smiled on me and they are here and safe and sound!

I am now the keeper of two trios of BUTTERSCOTCH BOOTED BANTAMS
I am so stoked about this.

My buddy, Jenski, has two beautiful little hens she got from the previous owner ot these trios. Other than the Pres. of the Booted Bantam Club, I don't know of anyone else who has these. They are just lovely! I was instructed by the previous owner that it is imperitive that I carefully cultivate the line because of the extreem rarity of these birds. If there is anyone else out there who has any of these, I want to see them and talk with you about possibly aquiring a few breeding stock birds from you.
Hope you all enjoy the pics! Thanks for the community support as always


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