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Mar 9, 2008
Hahira, GA
well couldnt find a thread about this. Several of you know my two favorite things to do outside of my birds is offshore fishing and hunting.

Would love to get a thread for sharing pics of fishing trips going here. Doesnt have to be offshore if you want to join in. Just love to see and here the stories about the trips.
So post your pics to share with others, tell your stories (just dont stretch it, I know how we can be) and have fun with it.

I need to get some of mine loaded on the computer to put here. But I like to fish for any striking species, bottom fish, and tarpon

But I do mostly offshore and big game fishing.
Love trolling, especially Gulf Stream fishing, and our Georgia bottom fishing is excellent, got a 40 pound red snapper on the wall to prove it.

This past Stream season, I got to see my first full breach marlin attack on a school of dolphin. That was freaking awesome. He was about 500 pounds or so looked like. We were trolling a weed line for dolphin, wahoo, and tuna, and saw a bunch that looked like they were feeding on bait in front of us. We were getting ready for all the rods to go off as we passed, we could see the dolphin just under the surface acting all crazy. Just as we got along side them, we realized they werent feeding, they were getting eaten. That big ol bill cut threw the water about 20 dolphin scattered and all 8 feet or so of him came out of the water after them. That was one of the coolest things I have seen offshore yet, and it was just a few feet from the boat which was even cooler.
I love hunting and fishing offshore and flats. Red Fish, Sea Trout, Cobia, Grouper and Black Seabass ,etc.Most of our fishing is gulf of fla. in the big bend area.
While active duty in the Navy we used to go ocean fishing on the 3/4 day boat out H & M landing in San Diego. I grew up in MO so fishing in the ocean seemed very strange. But after a couple trips out and catching a lot of fish I was hooked! (no pun intended)! Now retired and living back in MO, I sure miss those days. Yellow fin, or tail tuna, was what we were catching and some others as well.
I do enjoy fishing here at home as well, the taste of catfish, largemouth bass and crapie is also hard to beat!
I was obsessed with saltwater fishing for about ten years but just kind of got out of it. I guess my favorite thing to do was drift a grass flat and throw jigs for trout. Usually went to PCB for three or four days during the Cobia run. Did the Bull Red fishing off St. Simons a couple times. Never did a whole lot of bottom fishing.
Heres a pretty nice Cobia.

Striper from right behind Hutchinson Island in Savannah.


That's where I do most all of mine out of, St Simmons. Have fished there for 20+ years now. Got to love, there a heck of an October bull red run there too. Right now it's mainly tarpon and sharks close in, but in a few more weeks those reds will be there too.
Also April there is great for lots of triple tail too.


my boss just got a new 31 footer this past spring and he loves Mexico Beach, so he's been dragging me over there a lot this summer. We murdered the red snapper what few days it was open, very large fish this year. An fished a lot out of Carrabelle too, cant bet the cobia fishing there, got an 80 pound one a few years ago off the S Tower there.
Nice photos KenK. I love saltwater fishing I think they taste better too.

Boggy Bottom Bantams: Nice size boat that your Boss have there. Wish our boat was that big but then it may be to big for flats fishing.
haha, yep they are a bit big for flat fishing.
really too big for our tarpon fishing too, ( sides too high, you have to go out on the dive platforms to grab them) but we do it any way. And I agree, they taste better too. I love bass and crappie, and cats and all, but it's sure hard to beat blackened dolphin and snapper to me.

we , well my best friend, has a 31 Angler that I have fished on over in St Simmons for all these years.
My boss, who is also one of my best friends, got tired of hearing all the fishing tales, so when I started working for him, he broke down and got a 31 Cape Horn.

So honestly, I have the two best kinds of boats you can own....someone elses!! haha

Trying to figure out why my scanner wont load these paper pics up. As soon as I get it worked out, I'll get some on here. Our computer crashed last spring, so I lost ALL my stinking digital pics I had on it, was soo PO ed about that.

but will get some of these in my albums loaded , got some real nice cobia, snapper, scamp, grouper, sailfish, wahoo, dolphin, tuna, and kings in it, oh and tarpon
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The only triple tail I ever caught. We saw a few the size of garbage can lids but this one was the only one that would cooperate. Out of St. Simons btw.


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