Oh for the peets sake!


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
When are these ducklings gonna grow some FEATHERS!!!!!

I know...patience....but at a month old I'm wishing for feathers like CRAZY! All week so far it has been nice enough for them to go out in the "baby pen"....but I'm WISHING for the day they can stay out since the little houdini's have learned to escape the brooder! The worst part is, the dog attempts to round them up on THE COUCH! She I think may just be ENCOURAGING the escape of "her babies"...

How long until Pekins grow enough feathers to stay out at night? Tell me it's coming soon...cause if I wake up or come home to a duck on my couch ONE MORE TIME...well...I'm probably not gonna do much besides add some more "anti escaping" to the brooders...but still!

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