Oh no! Had to remove hours old hatched chick! Need help/advice please.

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ZooMummzy, Dec 30, 2010.

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    So on Day 22 - after my anguish and waiting - one out of my three Serama eggs hatched about 1pm today. The other two have not shown any sign of life. Anyway, just about 30 minutes ago, the temperature in my hatcher went nuts (LG still air) so I quickly removed the plugs and opened the lid just a little to try and cool it off - first big no-no. Then it got very cool before starting to shoot up once again. It's like it had a mind of its own! In a panic...and probably not the thing to do at all (I know better)....I removed the almost fluffy chick to its brooder. Temp in the brooder is about 95 and the chick seems ok - chirping like it was in the hatcher and finding its legs.

    Have I doomed my chick by removing it too soon? How do I care for this orphan chick that shouldn't have come out of the hatcher yet? Is the temperature right? Is there anything else I should be doing to finish the process the hatcher was supposed to? I've never had to deal with this before....
  2. Hi! Congratulations on the new chick! The chick will be fine in a 95* brooder. Offer it starter and water tomorrow, and some say a mirror so it doesn't think it is alone.
    Sorry you have a lone hatching --- any chance the others will pop out?
    Good luck!
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    Quote:Thanks Lisa, I'm actually breathing again lol. It was a totally unexpected event but one that I will expect the next time [​IMG] I doubt it about the others but who knows. I wasn't expecting this one today since there was no sign of life at all in these eggs. I have others to put into lockdown but they aren't expected to hatch until next week. I do have a mirror so I will try that. What about a feather duster? Good or bad idea?

    Oh and P.S. I have one of your chicks in another cage downstairs (at least I think do?). TsaGirl hatched it from your eggs and I acquired it in October. Beautiful splash something pullet! So thank you in a round about way lol.
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    i had a lone chick hatch out last year. i put a stuffed animal in there and she would crawl behind it to sleep (i had it propped in the corner of her brooder). but i've heard great things about using a feather duster....i just didn't know about it last year. i also spoiled her ROTTEN! i even went out an purchased a lil' dog carrier front-pack so i could carry her around for short periods of time. other times, i would keep her warm on my chest when i watched tv......during those times, she would snuggle into my hair around my neck. cute lil' thing! good luck!
  5. Hi! A feather-duster situation would be neat --- if you could figure out how to get the temp right under a feather-duster. I'd be afraid of a fire hazard. Maybe a heating pad under with the feather-duster hanging just above? The lengths we go to for a baby sometimes. The light for heat should be sufficient.
    Neat that SC chicks are propagating in OR --- I love it!
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    Thanks everyone for the advice. Tonight, Zephyr, is doing great! She/he is one feisty chick! It is already eating and drinking, pecking at everything that moves - especially the toes lol - and loves her new ostrich feather chick [​IMG] Of course, it is already spoiled rotten. It cheeps, we all come running to cater to it LOL. I can see this is going to be bad....very very bad [​IMG]

    Here are a couple of photos just taken of Zephyr



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    OMG too cute! [​IMG]
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    OMG those are probably the most adorable baby pics I have ever seen!!
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    How adorable!!!!! Thanks so much for those cute pictures. I'm expecting a few serama to hatch today (hopefully!) I have 12 in there still but only 2 pips so far - day 21.
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    how precious!!!!! [​IMG]

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