Oh no! Is this pecking issue something to worry about?(long...)


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Aug 19, 2008
we have 4 Red Stars and a RIR rooster who share one coop. 2 of them are older hens, and 2 are younger pullets, who are sisters. One of the pullets is mine, named Cinnamon.
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Cinnamon is the sweetest little chicken! She's soo pretty, too! The pattern on her neck and chest is soo interesting; it's not just brown feathers; it's like she has light brown, brown, and dark brown mixes of colors on her feathers, forming little diamonds.
Her feathers are like perfectly proportioned, none are sticking up, etc. And her tail is nice and straight and pointy; no misplaced feathers at all! She loves to be cuddled and loves it when I bring her treats or visit her.
Cinnamon is usually always the boss of the flock, except for one of the older hens, who is very mean to all of them.

But recently, I've noticed a change; her wing feathers look like they have been pecked on a little!
No, I doubt it's the rooster, since he's been living with her for months now and even though she seems to be one of his favorites, he hasn't caused any real damage.

One day, Cinnamon and her sister, Linda, were eating the layer mash/corn I had dumped into the food dish. The others were out in the run. As I was watching them, Linda suddenly looked up and pecked Cinnamon on the face, as if pushing her away from the food!
I pushed Linda back, letting Cinnamon continue to eat, to show Linda that she is not to do that. After a minute, I let her go eat again. But after a little while, she pecked Cinnamon again, this time causing a little blood on her comb! I was really frustrated with Linda, and I was mad, too because I didn't want her hurting my poor Cinnamon.
So I put Linda outside so Cinnamon could continue eating.
Later that day, I carried Cinnamon around the yard, since she loves going on little walks on nice days.
When I brought her back, Linda was eating at the food dish again. And when I placed Cinnamon down, she walked very cautiously up to the food dish. Linda looked up at her and stared, and when Cinnamon saw this, she suddenly began leaning to the side, as if falling over sideways! It was really strange; I thought her wing was hurt or something.
Then, she walked around Linda and began eating out of the dish cautiously.

What is happening??? Linda and Cinnamon are sisters, and they have never acted like that before.
It was always that Abby, the mean older hen, sometimes pecked her and the others.

Is this something to worry about???? She isn't seriously getting pecked at, by why is her own sister turning on her? And Linda has always been as sweet as Cinnamon.


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