Oh Ohhhh....Backyard Chickens Under Attact!

This sounds like another story I saw on youtube. It happened in july of 06 I think in the same county I believe. type in ducks oor pet ducks and I think the story will pop up
That is the dumbest thing ever. I just read that thing and almost all the comments. We have 6th graders on crack and they care about a nice family with 13 chickens who they deeply care about, who live a chickens dream, and the family lives on one hectare on a lake. It is about time people become more mature and smarter than a chicken.
I was reading the comments. I cant believe most of the comments. I wonder if they know what chicken nuggets from fast food restaurants are made of or even the supermarket chickens. do they even know that america is land of the FREE but yet you got neighbors acting so childish. How does a chicken differ from a rabbit, fish or even a rat? Its an animal. Its a domestic pet

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This story really P's me off. I want some of these "city folks" to go to those kids and say "your chickens are outta here!"

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forgot to add: You can see the ignorance in this country and its sad
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