Oh, so THAT's why there are no eggs!

James the Bald

7 Years
Jan 6, 2013
For quite some time, we've known that one of our Texas A&M quail was a male, but couldn't determine the sex of the other... until this morning. The roo has been crowing for several weeks, and since we weren't sure of the other, we "automatically" assumed that it was a female. We've checked several times, and it was hard to tell. The female has been acting quite strange the last week or so, so we thought that it was getting ready to lay an egg. Lo and behold, this morning, both were crowing in the cage, like it was a "who could crow the loudest contest". So, of the 2 quail that hatched long ago in March ended up being 2 males.

I'm hoping that I have AT LEAST one female in the brooder now. But, if they ARE all males (which would be just my luck), I know what my "chicken question jar" money will be spent on... where's that number for JMF? SO, keep those questions coming... daddy needs some egg money!


6 Years
Apr 3, 2013
Savage, MN
Well, you could start your own label and record your crows with a Christmas tune playing in the background. Sell it like the folks who record their cats and dogs meowing and barking to different pop tunes. There are people out there who actually buy that sort of stuff. Target your audience for kids and seniors, and you'll rake in millions to make up for your lack of egg production.

Here is a link added for inspiration....

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