OH the SMELL! When can they go outdoors!


13 Years
May 21, 2008
I just got a trio of goslings that are 5 weeks old and they are stinking up my sunroom, when can they go outside? Please tell me today
Our daily highs are in the 90's and lows in the 55 plus range. They will be locked in a dog house style coop with no heat lamp at night. Will they be fine? THANKS IN ADVANCE
WHEW!! I cannot take the smell in my house, in addition to those I have 8 meaties, 2 turkey poults, and 19 chicks in brooders. I cannot wait for them to feather out, they are so cute but so smelly! Thanks for the quick response
I finished up their "coop" this afternoon, I was planning on painting it first but I cannot take the smell in my house. The inside dimensions are 6'X3' vented above the door (mesh) and a lockable door.

I was chuckling as I was reading this because I felt the same way. I threw all mine out weeks ago. They're in with one set of the parents and even if the temps drop, there's enough of them to keep warm.

If you think that smells bad, try brooding 30 ducklings.

I am glad to hear I am not suffering alone!
I have had a candle lit for 3 days now. I thought I would get day olds. They ended up being almost 5 weeks, there is a big difference in the size of their landmines!

30 ducklings, I cannot imagine
Honey at those temps I'd be kicking the turkeys and chicks out too. Good heavens!

I have 8 day old goslings that are spending all day outside in the shade 80-90 degrees and all night in the coop brooder sans lights in 55-70 degrees. They're much more resilient than humans often give them credit for.
That's the plan! I am retrofitting an existing coop for the chicks and booting them out as soon as I am done. I can only get so much done in the heat. I am a sun sissy.
Oh yeah, I'm so with you. Nothing like that smell.

We've had chicks, ducklings, and various injured-recovering poultry inside, and the smell is something that the military should use to replace tear gas.

Get those birds out of the house! They'll be fine.

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