Ohio National--need a mentor please! :)


10 Years
May 12, 2009
Burton, OH
DH and I are planning on going to the Ohio National, still discussing whether or not to enter. I just have sooo many questions...

I have a couple bantam Russian Orloff's and really do want to bring them but haven't found much info on whether or not I can? As in, is there a class they fit into under ABA classification? an ABA standard (I've only found the large fowl standard)? I haven't even found anyone else that even has these birds so I'm really struggling here. I better hurry though. entry deadline is this Saturday!

Haven't done any showing before and a bit nervous to start here but DH says we have to start somewhere and why not here? He figures at the very least being so big there might be a better opportunity to get more information from other breeders. We have our NPIP certification and the birds are very, very tame as it is so I'm not overly worried about that. Most of my questions are about how to fill out the entry form, prep the birds, pick which one(s) to bring, etc. I've been trying to download the catalog (even emailed them and they sent a link) but it doesn't seem to be loading or downloading anything just a long page of a bunch of sponsors, etc. guess I was expecting more information on the show itself, what I would need to do ,etc.

I could really use a show 'mentor' to help me out, answer questions, etc. anyone have any suggestions or want to volunteer? pretty please?!?!?!
My frist show I just went without birds to look and ask questions. Most people are really nice and will anwser any questions you ask. Then I found out how to bath and get them ready but of crouse my two are white cochins so I never could get them as clean as I needed. LOL
Ohio is a great place to start showing. If the birds are healthy and clean, that's really all you need to do.

I pretty sure they would show as AOCCL (All Other Comb Clean Leg) for class. They will call you to make sure the entry is right if they have any questions

Russian Orloff, (color), AOCCL

You could also just write:

Rusian Orloff, (color), Bantam and that should work too.

Good Luck!
Thank you Neil and Ryu!!
really appreciate your help and encouragement! I mailed in my entry last week
DH and I are very excited. Can't wait to see all the birds and stop by the BYC table to say hi to all my peeps!

here is a pic of my roo, haven't decided which girl to take yet. This is from a few weeks ago, he's finished his molt and his tail is nice and full again.
Oh, he's just gorgeous. Good for you entering him and best of luck, have fun, and don't forget to update on what happened!!! I want all the details!!! Because you have a rare breed all the more reason to exhibit. So others can see them. Think of it as being an educational thing - it's very gratifying...

I have to thank Neil as well because those were great answers, and encouraging words!

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