OK, all you experts on incubators


10 Years
Feb 13, 2009
I am going to order a table top incubator today. I need one that will hold at least 20 eggs, has a turner and is dependable, So, which ones are your favorites and why?
I'm hoping you were able to find the answer to your question in the many discussions on this forum. So, did you get one? I am happy with my Hova Bator.
I'm hardly an expert by any stretch!
But I'm going to put my vote in for the Hovabator 1588 with the 1610 turner so you can do chicken or quail eggs.
Did my "practice run" using my own eggs 11 out of 12 hatched on day 21 with no adjustments or problems.
Bought mine at Home and Barn Basics $179, turner and shipping (to Idaho) included.
Good luck on your quest!
Thanks to all your kind responses, I finally decided on a GQF 1588 with the 1610 turner. I decided that I liked the room and the supposed ease of use with this one. I found it at Barn and Basics and because I could pay with Pay Pal, I had it sent USPS 2 day ground . Should be here today or tom., I hope. I'm also thinking of getting a 1602 still air to hatch only. Seems I can stagger my hatches that way without tying up one incubator for the fulll hatch term. I hope this is a wise move, especially if I have a chance to get some eggs from a breeder that I especially wanted, but the timing is wrong. Are there any others of you that use this system to good advantage?
It seems rather odd, that you asked for peoples advice on buying, get 2 reply's and made your purchase. But each of us make decisions
when we feel we gained enough information to make that move. You must remember probably 75% of the members use gqf, 10% home made and 15% others. So when one asks the question, you receive a gqf answer......

You're going to have so much fun!
It's a great incubator.
Now while you are waiting for it to come in the mail purchase yourself a hygrometer so you will know where your humidity is at throughout your hatch.
Make sure you calibrate it before using it, here's a great web site on how to do this:
Pick up about 6 feet of plastic tubing like they use for aquariums. This is available at pet stores and hardware stores.
You'll use this to add water to your incubator from day 18 to hatch so you won't have to open the lid of your bator.
I use a large oral syringe to inject water into the tubes so it ends up in the water channels.
This will make more sense when you get your bator and read the directions on filling the water channels.
Remember, never be afraid to ask questions!
Good luck!

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