Ok, anyone need cheering up? This should help!

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    Saturday, a friend brought her 20 month old Newfoundland dog over, so we could help her start teaching him how to pull a cart. He did beautifully, first time in harness and we were able to hook him up to the cart and he pulled it around our mowed fields.

    The funny thing happened as we completed the loop around the second field by detouring onto part of the trails through the woods. Just a short stretch, maybe 50 yards. It's bumpier through there, more distracting smells etc. The dog was pulling the cart like he'd been doing for years. The DH and I were walking along just in case anything spooked the dog, for assistance if needed, but he was fine so we dropped back and walked behind the cart. About a hundred feet before we came back out into the field, something fell out of the overhead tree branches, into the tall weeds at trailside, right next to me. WHOMP! Said I, "What the he_ _ was THAT? and started to part the weeds to look. It was a red squirrel, crouched on the ground, not running away, just sort of gently writhing. That's all I could see through the weeds. The dog and cart had continued to walk on with the owner, and I didn't want them to get too far away, just in case anything happened. So I asked the DH to see what was wrong with the squirrel, because if it's sick or hurt we don't want it on the trail where we walk our dogs. I trotted to catch up to the dog/cart/friend, and just moments later the DH comes along. I asked what was up with the squirrrel.

    Ok, it's taken a while to set the stage, but here's the good part: He says (drum roll please), "Well, it wasn't a squirrel, it was two squirrels. They were copulating."

    So these poor stupid critters fell eight feet out of a tree, whammed into the ground, and never interrupted their mating. Now there's concentration!!

    Some people think my life must be dull because I don't have a television. Ha!
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    Well, gosh, would any of US notice an eight-foot fall?
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] Life for them are too short and they are making the BEST of it! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Well, it depends which one of US landed on the ground first! [​IMG]
  6. Wow! [​IMG] Go get-em squirrlies!
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    Ok, now, THAT was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    wow, did u feel the earth move too???
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    Quote:Now that's funny!
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