Ok Done. Well, almost.

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14 Years
Aug 30, 2009
Mt Repose, OH
My Coop
My Coop
Bought a pair of Spangled Olde English Bantams. I finally figured out what they were! The roo is still colored insanely cool though, his spangles aren't too bright, and he has every other color but like blue on him.

Then Today I picked up two D'anver hens, proven breeder momma hen from last year's hatch, and a still peeping pullet that's half D'anver/OE. Curious to see how she finishes out. She's like a spangled buff kinda color.

All the colors match, and the two new hens throw in some beards. Quite cute! Older hen hates me, escaped twice outa my hands. Clipped her wings way short, so she just hops through a hole in the fence! Chased her for about a half hour. The baby is sweet though, and well liked by the first pair.

Installed a roost in the converted dog house, new bedding, nest box, feed tray... waiting on the waterer I ordered.

Just need to cut a window into the west side of the building (checked for air leaks... totally sealed up, but dusty! Had to shop-vac it out today!)

Then I need to build a run for the new "wild woman" hen that hates me. Well, I held her a lot so it's more like dislike on her part now. But she won't stick around if I'm out there watching, so she gets a run, the others can free range when I'm there, then they can go in the run too.

So, about done, right in time for winter. What a perfect time to re-enter the hobby!
Yeah I read it, and I'm going to cut a window into the west side of the back room of the house. That will give a flow pattern of air without excessively cooling the whole thing. If I put the window on the rear, wind will blast through, east side, and I don't think it'll turn the corner, and if it does, too cold. So, that leaves the west side, so that air from the door can exit there, or vice versa, without it being able to catch the wind and blow through.

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