Ok help please!!!! Turkey eggs.


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Oct 30, 2014
I have posted here plenty of times and seems more questions always arise. I have a turkey egg that has survived my toms. But I candled it and it is progressed quite a bit, not exactly sure on the age of the egg. Through the shadows I can see veins and the image of it, it is so cute already. The air sac has progressed to be about 18 to 20 days old according to the internet. It is moving like crazy and I did a water test and it floats and moves. But it seems that a little bit of water or some liquid has accumulated in the air sac is this normal or should I be concerned? I may note also that this is a chicken hatching my turkey eggs too!!!!!!
Well over half of the egg is taken up by the poult. I'm new to all of it but it kicks around and really active. It isn't a lot of liquid but it shouldn't be there. I am monitoring it very careful. Could it have ruptured it's air sac a lil bit by all of the kicking?
No, the air cell should not have liquid in it.  How much of the space below the air cell does the poult fill up?

It feels up well over half of the egg, I can see the images of its feet and little wings also. Could it have punctured the air sac from it flipping and flopping around in there. Air sac looks to be 20 days old, the veins go all the way down to the pointy end of the egg which doesn't have a lot of space left there.

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