OK I have a MEAN chick...


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10 Years
Feb 18, 2009
I have a chick that has been with the mom in the house beacause my cats wanted to play with it outside. The mom was not happy in the house and so since there was only one chick I went and gor two more chicks so it woudnt be alone. This chick is screamming for mom and is pecking the other chicks, Mom is outside looking for the chick.

Will the chick stop pecking at the two new chicks? Will Mom getover being without her chick? Will the chick get over being without the mom?????
give the chick back to it's momma, thats what it wants, momma will protect it from the cats, thats her job, it could take her WEEKS to stop looking, once she realizes her chick isn't coming back, the chick may never stop wanting momma.
ok. im going to put the chick out with mom. I hope nothing happens. I love this little chick and would be really sad.. But I hear mom and feel sad for her. So out it goes..
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