Ok, I'm confused now (thermometer issues)


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Ok, I have two thermometers in my bator right on top of the eggs. Both of them are the bulb type. One is the crappy one that came with my thermal air Hovabator. The other is an older one that has always been dead on accurate. Well, both of them are reading 89 to 90, but I'm being overly spastic about the temps. The eggs have only been in since about 4 in the afternoon, so I know it won't reach 101 for a little while and I only opened it once since I set the eggs. The problem is I used a one of those digital thermometers that you put against your temple to see how far off the two in it were. I took out a vent plug and took the temp, it was reading 94. Could this mean that both my thermometers inside the bator (that are ready the exact same temp) be off by 4 or 5 degrees? Or could the digital be wrong?
The temperature you should be concerned about is the temperature at the level of the eggs. My guess is that when you tried the digital, the sensor was higher in the incubator that the two other thermometers. That could easily cause it to read 4 degrees higher, especially in a still air incubator. If the thermometer you say has always been right is at the same level as the eggs, you should believe it.
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x2 tracecom.. as a further note, I would take out one of the thermometers and use only one.. take your pick and go with it..

once you have a thermometer that is "dead on", guard it with your life. especially if you are getting good hatches with it...

you can use it to calibrate other thermometers..

some dial thermometers have a nut on the back that you can turn to adjust the temp..

and the "cheap" ones can be adjusted by loosening the glass tube and sliding the indicator fluid to the correct number..
Temporal digital thermometers that you get in the stores are off as much as 4 degrees either way, they also need to come in contact with the skin and the blood flow under the skin to take the temp so put that thing away until you are sick!

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