OK ive gone Nuts How do i keep this many chickens. Help me sort this

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  1. leoismydog

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    May 30, 2008
    Well i was just placing an order for chicks from one of the hatcheris and i suddenly realise i have 54 chicks ready to hit submit on. Now i figuring out where they will all go, am i going to mix some, why did i order 2 males of those, I got barred rocks again, oh those are cool looking get so of them. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    So i currently have
    1 perminate coop with 3 remainders from the fox tradigy, 2 hens SPW, & SLW and 1 cock This is the main laying coop i guess you would call it. Guess add the wy

    One tractor 5 BlackCM hens 2 BlackCM Cock And 1 BlueCM cocks, would like to seperate blue BCM cock out to get pure eggs for selling ( cant go to freezer camp as wife likes that one). So this one is unavailable for additions.

    Tractor #2 5 silkies, will the leg horns mix with the silkies there smaller????

    Tractor #3 EE only 4 hens lost the male receintly have last eggs in the bator as he was really cool looking, adding EE's to these,

    Tractor #4 material bought just have to put together.

    What im buying I Think
    My Thoughts on placement
    6 GOWP GOLDEN WYANDOTTE Females $4.79 $28.74 Egg Coop
    2 GOWC GOLDEN WYANDOTTE Males $2.60 $5.20 Egg Coop
    6 SILP SILVER LEGHORN Females $3.48 $20.88 silkies or New coop
    2 SILC SILVER LEGHORN Males $1.98 $3.96 Same
    6 BRWS BLUE LACED WYANDOTTE St. Run $3.99 $23.94 Egg Coop
    6 SLWP SILVER LACED WYANDOTTE Females $2.78 $16.68 Egg Coop
    2 ARAC ARAUCANA Males $1.93 $3.86 EE Tractor
    6 ARAP ARAUCANA Females $3.28 $19.68 EE Tractor
    6 PEAP PEARL-WHITE LEGHORN Females $2.42 $14.52 With other leghorns Silkies or new coop
    6 RIRP RHODE ISLAND RED Females $2.53 $15.18 Egg Coop
    6 BARP BARRED ROCK Females $2.53 $15.18 Egg Coop

    Problem is thats like 32 in the egg coop coop is 4 x 8 and run is 10x24 so i think to small I need a bigger coop or a smaller list.
    I could drop the RIR and the BR and Be OK with it so what do you all think, Go get more material???? or drop down on the order. I hate to build another tractor as it hell on anyone to take care of everything if we ever leave. Add to that 3 dogs, a goat and 2 ducks, a pond, Oh and there will be 30 guineas free roaming also along with the turkeys that will be ordered soon.

    OK have at it and who need a part time job helping me:lol:[​IMG]
  2. ginormous chicken

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    Jan 18, 2011
    Elverta, California
    I wrote a post today titled, "Chicken Obsessed- Vaccination Question". Take a look! A long story short the good people on BYC were explaining to me what "chicken math" was. I am looking at your list and am definitely reminded of my own chicken math. [​IMG] I actually cancelled my order to Meyers hatchery b/c I decided to take the easy way out of chicken math. That would be to singles from my feed store. I just spoke with my feed store guy and he promised he would have some rare birds in. I just couldn't see myself buying a min. of 5 per breed I would well... have 54 birds! Good luck! You can always buy more later, but then again, spring hatching is only 3 months. You should have fun!

    Proud Mama to: 1 Deleware, 3 Ameraucanas, 1 OE bantam, 1 BC Maran, 1 Black Silkie, 1 Service Dog, 2 Pet Dogs, 1 Parrot, A LOT of Lizards, THE SNAKES, and 1 very understanding DH!
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  3. Petej

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    Dec 6, 2010
    PDX area
    I inherited 30 birds. Now I'm addicted and growing my first set of chicks. I've gone from 30 birds, to nearly 40! [​IMG]

    And I still want more! [​IMG]

    I should go look at the chicken math....
  4. riane'smimi

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    Nov 2, 2010
    orange va
    You sound like me [​IMG] I have 5 Delawares,4 buff Orps,and 3 Barred rocks right now.I took my time and found the breeds that were right for me, good for both eggs and meat.Now I want Cochins ,D'Uccles,and silkies for fun [​IMG] I keep looking at Mcmurry and Meyer but you have to order 25.I think I will wait to see what comes into Tractor Supply ,also the feed store will have some this spring.I have been studying videos on you tube so I can ID the chicks better since I am new at this...Also I want to find a swap around Virgina or maybe check out the state fair this year.
    Does anybody know when Tractor Supply gets their babies ?
    I thought maybe 4 of each BUT I don't know if I can stick to it .I want to build my flock slow so that I can at least get an idea of how many I can handle without being overwhelmed from the get go.
    I also want to hatch eggs this spring.
  5. ARose4Heaven

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    Apr 16, 2009
    Flippin, AR
    MyPetchicken.com is great for small orders. A little pricey on the shipping because of the extra care to keep em warm, but you don't get more birds than you want.

    I understand chicken math Bery Bery well. I have 54 with 100 more scheduled to arrive in 10 days. What was I thinking?!!!! [​IMG]
  6. leoismydog

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    May 30, 2008
    Yes i understand chicken math I just dont want more tractors, I Have this Idea on a 20x20 Coop with 4 seperate sections for the "breeders and the the rest of the yard and all the other Housing for the free rangers.
  7. elieugene6

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    Jun 17, 2010
    Western ny
    Wow you think that's bad. A year ago I had 3 old hens in a giant coop and 3 geese. They were my dads and when I moved in here to my grandmas old place I said sometime we will have lots of chickens (think 10-15) like we had when I was little. So last spring I got 6 chicks from the feed store, 3 free off Craigslist, 2 from a persistent broody who I had to get eggs for, 2 cochins at the fair, then a rescue bantam polish, then 3 pullets someone couldn't keep. Then I built an incubator. That was the biggest mistake along with joining the egg swap each month since I finished the Bator. I am afraid to add it up but subtract 5 that went to freezer camp. 14+17+7=38 oh man I knew I didn't want to do that. And don't forget the 3 geese who equal a pain. And there is another 18 eggs in the incubator. More eggs on the way from the January swap and a brand new brinsea to arrive on Monday. I still want to get some bantam ducks, turkeys, and guineas. More cochins and jersey giants as that's what I want to breed. If you subtract the little roos I won't have as many as long as I don't become attached. Can't wait until spring so they start free ranging again. They don't like the snow.
  8. leoismydog

    leoismydog Out Of The Brooder

    May 30, 2008
    Well I just did it 50 new fuzzy but comming 1 st week april. [​IMG]
  9. MyKidLuvsGreenEgz

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    Jan 11, 2011
    Colorado Plains
    We have 18 chickens now. I have 25 chicks coming the second week in Feb, and just called my local feed store who are getting their first shipment of chicks mid-march. We don't have the space yet, but I'm planning on getting another 25 or so for meat and profit. So... yeah, I've gone nuts too.

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