Ok, just HOW LOUD are the *really*?


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Oct 8, 2007
Griffin, GA
My guineas(24) drive my husband crazy. I swear they know he doesn't like them. They come up on the front porch and look in the window at him or sit on the back steps and call constantly. They don't do this during the week when he's not home.
I raise Jack Russell Terriers and if the dog doesn't chase them they follow the dog around in a group like they are daring the dog to do something. Most of my dogs will chase them until they fly over the fence. They usually lose a few tale feathers because they wait too long to take off. I have had to rescue a few birds from dogs mouths. The guineas have been trying to gang up on a Jack Russell puppy lately. He has learned that if he chases them they keep their distance.

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13 Years
Jan 25, 2007
Athens, Ga/ Hayesville, NC
My Guineas do the "sit on the porch rail and complain through the window" thing too! Everyday im home for lunch they have a big gathering outside the dining room window on the porch railing and after looking in at me for a few min. start serenadeing me with their demoninsh songs as i try to enjoy my meal!
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