ok, might be a stupid question but I am going to ask it....


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May 19, 2011
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when a peahen lays an egg, will she 'let you know'?
as with chickens, they will cackle and announce that they
have laid an egg....Peafowl are so vocal so was wondering...
do they 'hollar out' in any way???

ok,ok,so, stop laughing and pass along an answer....thx!
I don't think they typically would vocalize to announce they laid an egg like a chicken. At least mine don't! But before they lay an egg they will pace around for a while until she finds an area to lay.
Mine are like yours, they don't make noise, they pace, but it's not normal pacing, their topline and tail feathers are parallel to the ground.
Peahens are actually quite secretive about laying and the location of their eggs.
In my experience, they definitely don't make any announcements that would give away their secrets.
However, there are visual clues, like droopy wings.
I learened how to find nest by listening to their calls, after my peas leaves the nest they honk off and on all the way back to the area where the rest of the peas are, i have located 2 nest yesterday

I got a general idea where another nest but will have to wait for her to lay again in that area, i wrote down the time of day she was comming back so i just have to watch for her heading that way again.
how lucky you are Zazouse! I willl try and watch for that as well....

since this is her first time to lay, someone on this forum said it will take
her 2-3 weeks after mating to lay first egg...is this correct??
and next year will it also take that long after mating to lay the
first egg again or is that time period just for newbies??
i noticed cammie was first bred on 4/4 and i found 4 eggs in her nest on 4/20.
I was the one that said 2 to3 weeks, seems to be the norm for all my different birds like guineas,geese and chickens.
actually I thought it was you but didn't go back to that thread...
ok, so Jade was bred on 4/19 so I should start watching/looking
around 5/3 and thereafter....

to be honest hope she waits a bit as I will be away from home
around that time and won't return til 5/6....there will be my
husband here but truly doubt he will watch for any Pea eggs!

all my babies are my projects...the Peafowl, guineas, ducks including
Muscovies, Cochin chickens and some mixed chicks....oh,
can't forget the visiting geese that have been here (feeding and swimming
in the pond) for 3 1/2 weeks....

anyway,, thanks
Yea a couple week , i will be glade when this season is over, the breeder i got my birds from had a very short season, like 2 months and done, i am afraid my oldest male is fixen to shead his train them shaft get whiter and witer every day..

I hate the way my male acts, he looks like he is morfing when his upper neck swells, he acts like it is very unconfortable when i see it happening, and he acts like he don't know me, just gives me a blank stare like he is looking right threw me, My hen that is sitting gave me that same look today acted like she was in anther world, then ran off back to her nest honking her darn fool head of, had all the dogs on alert, not good, the dogs will stop reacting if they keep finding nothing wrong when they go check out the noise

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