OK...My Turn-Girls or boys (Again) (PIC HEAVY)

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I traded out 6 roo's for 6 more hoping for all hens, of course one is def a roo as he wakes me every morning about 3. Two are my originals hatched Jul 3. The first one is one of my originals, hen yes???



This one I have no clue as to breed or sex, allegedly about ear old, no eggs since I got "her" week prior to Thanksgiving.


These I have no idea as to their sex, also allegedly about year old, no eggs yet, got them same day as the above black/white one.
The Buff??

The RIR?




The RIR?

Diff between these two buffs?? I know really bad pic of one in foreground. These newer birds do not like my company in the run..lol! (Unless I have treats!)

Any help is very much appreciated!!
The black and white one is actually black with very pretty bluish green hue around base of neck. I found it sitting in a nest box today where I suspect it is the only one that's been in them arranging the hay, but to no avail, no eggs.
buff in the first pic looks female and the wyandotte looks female too. the red one with the black in the tail-feathers looks like a roo. in the last pic the buff in the back of the pic looks female (?) and the one in the front looks like a roo. looks like you might have a couple buff and red roos

ETA: try to make this a little easier.

first one: hen/
second one: hen
all the others look like roos
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DRAT!!!! I just can't win with these birds...lol! I figured as much. I think I may just go the sex link route and buy from a real hatchery! I started with twelve in Jul, lost two, 8 were roo's. Now more roo's! I just want at least one expensive egg to squeeze out!
The first two are definite hens. I see at least two BO roos. I can't tell which of the three are in the following photos, so I don't know if all three are roos or not. The RIR... I'm hesitant about. I can see what MIGHT be saddle feathers, but then again, they could just be droopy hen feathers... My eyes aren't very good. Sorry!

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