Ok, so this is sad...


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Mar 5, 2018
My lovely Australorp, Nellie, is in a dog crate in my home office. As advised, I separated her from her sisters after she was limping and being pecked about. She hasn't pooped since I moved her, hasn't eaten; this morning I tried to hand feed her fresh scrambled eggs. Was not have any of this, no interest. She responds when I talk to her, but doesn't want to be touched. I was on my way to get her some yogurt (as advised) when I realized, she wouldn't even eat that. This is my sweetest girl and I'm really worried now....
What can I do to help her?
She won't drink either, I've tried wetting my finger and holding it to her beak.. Not interested. So you think she might like yogurt?
Im sure she would like it.. unless she is too weak to try and eat it. Maybe put some on the tip of her beak?

I would check to see if she has an impacted crop or sour crop.

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