OK this can't be right (wiggler problem)


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I have seen a lot of people talking about the water wiggler temperature, and how accurate it is, so I ordered some. It is reading 106 degrees!!! I have the same temperature as with my other hatches (between 98 and 102), and they all did all right. What am I doing wrong? I have it sitting on top of some empty egg trays. Should i put it on the bottom of the bator? Please help!!
No, it should be right on the same level with the eggs. Do you have a thermometer that has a probe on it? Usually the water wiggler temp. is lower than the air temp.
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The only probe thermometers that I have are a digital meat thermometer, and a digital oral thermometer. I chose to go with the meat thermometer. Should I get a regular mercury thermommeter? I can't see spending $30 on a probe thermometer.
I use a probe type meat thermometer also. I think it's an accurite...long stainless steel cable with the thermometer probe on the end.. I do insert the probe all the way into the wiggler. BTW...I don't use a wiggler anymore because I've had 3 of them rupture and go all over the bottom of my bator. So I use a ziplock baggie with water in it and insert the probe into that. Same idea though. It takes 4-5 hours for the temp to equalize in the wiggler. After that mine usually doesn't go up or down more than 1-2 degrees.
So it reading 106 degrees is ok for now? Like I said, the air temp is the same as it has always been. It just kinda freaked me out!! The meat thermometer is one of those like a regular analog, only it is digital.
It's an LG still air, but the air temp is the same as it always is, usually either 101 to 99. I was kinda wondering if the thermometer had anything to do with it. Maybe it doesn't work right when it is left on constantly?
Something is definatly wrong with the reading in the wiggler. This is suppose to represent the temp inside the egg, usually 99.5. So it must be a problem with the thermometer, if you trust the others. so you might as well just take it out and forget about it. it just freaking you out for no reason. and certainly not helping you with incubation, because if the inside of the egg is going to read 106, they will definatly not hatch!
iI have a hovabator and a homade larger incubator, and i can tell you this for sure, YOU CAN DRIVE YOURSELF NUTS WITH THERMOMETERS! If you put 20 of them in your incubator they will all read different temps,pick one that you like and ,stick with it. None of them are exact, and i expect no hen is either.

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