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OK i want to make a bater to hatch a few eggs from my late rooster Charlie (an ee) we've eaten all his bros and soon him but i don't want to end a lineage of beautiful rooster. is their anything i need to know when i make a bater to hatch chicks

this is where every thing gets weird....

my neighbor started to complain about my rooster crowing and waking her and her tenets up and how she was willing to take me and my family to court. so out of rage i grabed the rooster and just killed him in my backyard from there i grabbed its severed head and brought it to her house where he brother stood at first he had this cocky look on his face until he saw all this blood on me. i ask him "can you call your sister out "
he replies on intelligibly "ah, ill, ill call her out (stumbling over his words)" he stayed in for at least ten minutes when this shady male walked by rapping thinking he could scare us off until he saw the head dripping blood on my leg he walks around us with his face to the ground he couldn't even look me in the eyes. the brother comes back out from the house talking all this nonsense about the tenets but doesn't bring her to me so i bring the head out to let him know what i did "tell her he took your sleep so i took his life, enjoy your sleep " he mumbles something about the rooster and i take my leave giving him a wave.

i just couldn't give them the satisfaction that they could force me to take life. and if this makes me wrong i don't care to be right.

if i alienated anyone with this... srry?
i guess
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Well, I wouldn't say alienated but the whole reacting before thinking part of things is a bit concerning. It sounds like your a big kid and getting bigger so thinking first will be especially important for you. It's important for everybody, but when you're bigger then a lot of people that you deal with and start relying on that it can cause you problems. There's nothing wrong with standing up for yourself and refusing to be intimidated, but in this case you may have been better off talking with your neighbor first. Lots of time when people are confronted in a calm and reasonable matter they respond in kind. I don't know what the laws are about roosters and/or noise in your area so I'm not sure what other options might have been available to you. Many places don't allow roos so you may have had to butcher or rehome him anyhow, but I think you would have felt better about it if you wouldn't have acted in the heat of the moment.

I have about eight roos right now and will be thinning the flock and sending at least five of them to freezer camp soon. They need to go for a couple of reasons--It's too hard on the hens, they fight too much with that many, AND they crow non-stop--even in the middle of the night and I'm not being a good neighbor if I let that go on. I've had problems with one of my neighbors and have had to be firm about how this is the country and it's too darn bad if my cows, pigs, chickens, goats, etc. aren't to their liking, but I still try to be fair.
LMAO! I don't know rather to tell you "Bravo!" or "Watch that temper!" Just the image of that guy walking by and seeing that seen.... That is too much. Please tell me you honored the life you took and ate him. Would be a shame to waste him out of anger. And do be careful, just think of how the neighbor's side of that story would sound to the police, regaurdless of how justified it felt at the time. But still...

ETA: Yeah, I was on the thread about having a sense of humor that gets me into trouble.
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ya my temper dose get me in trouble allot and the rooster is in the fridge right now and to throw of the scent of that i'm a bone head cave man i'm in bio diesel club, have been building several low powered burning lasers, and have started a home chemistry lab just to get me kick off into science but when someone threatens my family or my birds i can only see red. next time ill grind my teeth or something. thanks all for the comments i'm calmed down
My friend, I know you're really angry at them, but you've got to chill. That temper will get you into a lot of trouble down the road, trust me on that. The problem is they got what they wanted -- just perhaps not the gory way it happened. I hope you won't do this with a cat, dog or other pet.

Neighbors can be the most infuriating. I know, I moved away from suburbia and still had some psycho neighbors. I had to get my dogs debarked because they called on me even though I was home and the dogs weren't even outside.
I lived in fear someone was going to call the county and complain about my dogs. Now that I've moved to a more rural area and a better state, I'm not concerned. I picked up a bunch of roos I'm putting into freezer camp in the next week or two. I've asked my neighbors if they're bothering them. So far, everyone around me is cool with them.
Of course, I'm selling eggs to some.

You heard the saying you can trap more flies with honey than vinegar? I've found that being nice to really rude people suddenly makes them think twice about being nasty.
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Just remember this when you want to get into a "fight" with someone (physical or not)

"Is this the hill I want to die on?"

basically, is it worth it?

I have a dead roo in my back yard, he is dead because of my neighbor in the back.
I have the strong desire to throw his stinky body into my neighbor's yard and make him clean up the mess, since it's his fault. The roo is still out there because, I guess because I keep thinking about actually DOING it. But I also keep thinking about waging a war with my neighbor - a war that HE started mind you, but do I really want to deal with all the crap that would come from it? Not really.
But I still want to throw the stinky roo over the fence anyway.
Life's like that.
Although I have no problem with (humanely) culling an anmal for food, mercy-killing, etc. I am a bit concerned on several levels regarding this situation.

If there were plans for dispatching this roo for food, well that's ok - done properly and humanely.

I am very concerned about the display of uncontrolled rage, whether directed at the animal or the neighbors. Please seek help with management before something horrible happens.

Also, another concern (and I hope I am just going over board with my paranoia), but the next time there is an issue in the neighborhood regarding, IDK, lost pets, hurt kids, missing anythings.....your neighbors will probably be the first to say something to the effect of "the big scary guy next door ripped the head off a rooster and came over here threatening us covered in its blood!!"

People will lie and exaggerate for the attention they will get or imagine they will get. Don't allow fits of temper to mark you as an unstable person or whatever the neighbors may try to say against you.

I understand (believe me, I do) how annoying neighbors are. I am having a battle with one of mine now and I have finally had to drag the police in the middle of it. Please don't set yourself up for long term issues with them or the law.

Take care!
BordeKelpie- im not insane
its just been a hard week lost my best hen too a un known illness, my runt chick was killed by my rooster (he was trying to mate her hes never tried this before) ive been trying to get rid of severl possums that have been camping in my basement. (and im not going to kill them im just going to relocate them well i did kill one but after a few days i broke down crying cause its just trying to survive like im just trying to survive)
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