Ok what is it with my Crazy Guineas~The running laps,neck twisting?

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10 Years
Jan 3, 2010
I have 7 young Quineas 3 males and 4 females.
The males are biting each othe running laps around 2 acres (from coops to house to a pair of horse feild)
When they stop they twist their necks around each others ,box with their feet,nip each others head. Last but not least jumping on each others backs.
At first I thought ok they are starting to get ready to lay and he's trying to mate her.
Wrong! all are male while the females walk around feeding grass now and then when they stopped running laps, walk by and stand by them looking at them like they are crazy then walk away kinda like shaking their heads.
So whats up?
Are the hens getting close and they don't know what to do with them selves?
Fighting to see who is the rooster will be?
Or just plain CRAZY Guineas?
Please note these are my first ones ever I hached them here 2010.
So I'm still kinda new to them.
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Spring is right around the corner so this behavior is very normal. When you have a lot of them, like I do, you can have several groups of two boys chasing or have a whole bunch of males chasing one male. But its only one of the chasers that will make physical contact with the chasee.

When they're chasing you can't stop them. I've stepped in between to see what would happen, the chasee comes back and picks the chaser back up and the chase resumes. I've sat on the back porch and watched one male antagonize another male to get him to chase him.

It does have something to do with hierarchy but I'm not sure how it applies. I have two top birds, one is Mean Bird the other is Flock Leader. They're never involved in chasing.
The 2 pied pearls do the chasing and your right I could get them to stop for a sec one walks awa and the one getting chased runs right over there and starts it back up.
My Lavender Pied Rooster stays with the hens and does not jump in till they get near the hens and he jumps on them rolls them and boxes,then walks back over to the hens when the other two start running again.
So does that mean the Lav.pied is going to be the breeder?
I hope so.
All of it stops when it's roosting time and they are side by side just fine and in the am around noon to dark they just go crazy!
All I could think about was lord I hope they use the coop nest to lay so I'm not hunting eggs over 11 acres of land.
They hens have been going in there when they never did before.
So I hope that's a good sign.
Thanks for the replys.
Glad to know it's just them growing up and not totaly crazy.
Tonya -- Yep it's " the chase" I even noticed a hen chasing a roo today' I get a kick out of seeing their funny little run. I have eggs in the bator. I'll see soon if they are any good. I hope so , so I can start filling orders.
Hi great to hear from you! Thanks!
Things have calmed down for now.
Once in a while theres a small chace,but not the laps.
Got use to it once I knew for sure what was up.

How are the buttons doing for you? hope you got some pretty ones.
I heard y'all are coming to the swap. Hope so be great to see What breeds you have andI think you would have a great time.

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