Ok whats this graphic


16 Years
Mar 5, 2007
One of my Bcm has been getting heavyer the last few weeks I thought she might have been egg bound. Well she passed away today so I decided to open her up to see what was going on and this is what I found just curious what caused it.

It just looked like a lot of fat?

Wow. I can see the picture. It does look like fat to me but I am NOT an experienced chicken person. It was a sudden weight gain?
Hmm...I still can't see it
Sorry buddy...can't help ya. Someone should come along shortly who can though

ETA: Ewwww...now I see it, and I see what you mean...no idea though. Part of that looks like undigested corn
Been feeding a lot of corn lately? Maybe she gorged herself and gained too much too fast and had a heart attack? That's all I can think of... Sure hope someone can help you!
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LLV is Lymphoid Leukosis Virus. It is a virus that causes tumors in chickens.

I cannot see the picture either, but LLV doesn't usually come on so quickly. From your description, it sounds like internal egg laying or fast growing tumors of another type. The only way to know for sure is with tissue cytology.

Speckledhen had several hens die of a similar cause. When opened, they all had fatty type tumors. See this thread
I can't tell what I'm seeing. Is that the abdomen opened up? Do you have any other pictures, especially of the liver/ spleen/ and ovaries? That would help a lot. Leukosis usually will show up as a mass of tumors in the liver, sometimes elsewhere. (I just had one die of this, and had it confirmed by the state lab.) More pics would be helpful. It does look like a lot of subcutaneous/abdominal fat though. What are you feeding? Had she been laying? Did you open the crop or look at the lungs at all?

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