Ok, who all has asthma? I have questions

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    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    Ok, well I have posted several times over the last few years when i get sick and just can't shake it. I have been told a few times I have asthmatic brochitis but that I do not have asthma. Almost everytime I get sick I end up on breathing treatments. I know I have mild allergies and I do take meds for those. Well I think I actually do have asthma. I am going to the he dr tomorrow. If they keep having to treat me for asthmatic conditions with asthma meds, then honestly I think maybe I might need regular treatment to prevent all this crap.

    I was feeling a ton better today. The weather got wicked cold and it was so easy to breathe. Had to sit in a churches musty basement which was warm and bam I was actually gasping for air and wheezing. The lady with me said she doesn't think I am so much sick ( never a fever) but that I really sound like I have asthma. Her entire family has it and she seemed really sure. It got me to thinking so checking online.....wow mild asthmatic sounds just like me.

    So if this is the case what I am looking at here? I am sure they will want me on my allergy meds more often than whenever I feel like it. Can I get away with not taking steroids constantly? If they are this mild, would I just be looking at an inhaler in my purse and steroids when things flare up? How would the doctors want to limit me? We are outside a TON. Pretty constant. And around animals. The animals stay too. Oh and the bloody wood stove we just spent a fortune on.

    Can asthma develop this late? I am 36 and never had issues until just a few years ago but every year is worse allergy wise and the brochitis thing. I want the low down. What questions do I ask? What do I avoid? Anything natural I could do if this turns out to really be asthma? How is this going to affect my life really? The more I read the more sure I am, and I am not thrilled on this. The one person I know who has asthma can barely tolerate the outdoors. I have 3 weeks of camping planned already. Fill me in please.
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    Have you had pulmonary function testing done? Getting PFTs will go a long way in getting a more definitive diagnosis which will help narrow down a course of treatment. And are you seeing a pulmonologist or just a family doctor/internist/general practitioner? Having a pulmonology consult is more likely to yield more answers for you.

    I've worked with doctors that tell their patients to get rid of all animals, don't go outside, etc. I've worked with doctors that understand you have a life to live, that you aren't giving up your animals or your activities, and they will work with you to find a solution to help you manage your condition, hopefully with fewer flare ups.

    As far as people not being able to tolerate being outside - there is also a lot of "mind over matter" that goes on too. Most of the patients I have seen that refuse to act like an invalid, are able to do most if not all of the things they want to do. But those that think they are an invalid and cant' do anything, turn into those stereotypical people you see on television that can't do anything at all and are always sucking on inhalers any time they get upset or stressed - and they are miserable.

    Sounds like you know what you want out of life and will find a way to do what you want. So stop stressing so much, particularly until you have more definitive answers after some diagnostic testing. It's too hard to narrow things down and figure out a good course of action until you have all the facts. Not to mention, it just makes you crazy thinking of the "what ifs" when you don't even know for sure what you're looking at.

    If you disagree with the doctor's plan, find out why the doctor has those recommendations and let him/her know up front what you would like to do with your life and what treatments you are capable and willing to take. If the doctor doesn't want to work with you to find a mutually acceptable treatment plan, ask around for someone else that understands your needs better. It's one thing to tell a patient "you have to do this" if what the doc wants is something that is not what the patient wants and the patient isn't going to do it anyway. Then the doc and the patient get angry at each other because the patient gets tired of being told they're noncompliant, and the doctor gets tired of the patient complaining that they aren't getting any better but they aren't willing to follow the treatment plan. So make you are upfront with the doctor about things, especially if you think that you aren't going to be able to comply with the doctor's treatment plan for whatever reason - and then ask if there are other options and what the pros/cons are of the treatments.
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    I'm a mild asthmatic. I was as a child, grew out of it, then it "came back" apparently. For me, symptoms are climate (heat and humidity are the triggers) and exercise induced. My doctors prescribed me an inhaler that I'm supposed to carry with me at all times. I'm to use it a. when I'm feeling symptoms coming on or b. a half hour before I plan on exercising to help prevent issues.

    As a side note, I've got 2 cats, a dog, and now the 10 hens. I'm outside daily and have allergy issues, too. I've never been told I had to avoid going out or to get rid of my animals. Of course, my symptoms were not very severe and are controlled with the inhaler.

    It sounds like your problems might be more severe than mine, but this is one course of treatment you can ask your doctor about.
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    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    Well I went to the doctor. No real answers yet. They want me to see an allergist as soon as I feel better. They prescribed antibiotics, steroids in pill form( skipped the shot in the thigh this time), some kind of pearls thing that helps with the bronchial spasms, and an inhaler. She thinks most of this is due to this 3 month cold thing that is going around. She said she took meds right off the bat and was sick 2 months. Not encouraging. I am wheezing when I breathe though and my oxygen levels were not great. Apparently the massive fatigue can be easily explained with the low oxygen levels too. wonderful! Rest, eat right, take my meds, and call them when I feel better.

    Based on my records they think there is a good possibility of mild asthma, which only bothers me with flare ups. I get asthmatic brochitis twice a year, every year for the past 6, BUT I was assured that did not mean I have or will get asthma. Hmmm. Regardless what the allergist says she wants me carrying the inhaler. The wheezing and gasping for air at the church worries her. I agree, had me plenty worried too. Not thrilled that she thinks it really is asthma but not shocked. Allergins here have been very bad and every year it gets worse. The Dr said she is seeing more and more adults coming in with no prior history and ending up with a diagnosis of asthma.
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    Mar 19, 2009
    I developed asthma in my 40's. Probably my punishment for all those years of thinking asthmatics were defective. I have an inhaler, but I very seldom use it. I am on Advair and Singulair and as long as I take those medications as directed, my asthma does not flare up.
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  6. luvmychicknkids

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    Mar 6, 2008
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    My almost 11 y/o son is the most severe asthmatic I have ever seen. I have literally lost count of how many times he has been hospitalized. Now, for the interesting parts. He is allergic to almost NOTHING! His issues are with mold spores (sounds like maybe yours, too, with the musty basement!) And season changes. When the temps change drastically in a short time he tends to have a flare up. We have cats, a dog, chickens, snakes...none of these bother him at all. He spends lots of time outdoors with no issues whatsoever. Seeing the allergist is going to be the best move you ever make. You can see just what hurts you and take steps to either stay away from it or if it is important enough to ye, take medication to survive it. Good luck. I know how frightening and difficult it can be!
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    Jan 4, 2011
    My son has viral induced wheezing, which sound an awful lot like what you have. He has no symptoms unless he has had a cold recently. He is finally outgrowing this (I hope), but I carry an inhaler with me at all times for him, and his preschool has one too. During cold season (late fall to early spring), he was put on an inhaled steroid and this helped reduced the severity of his attacks. The inhaled steroid is a low dose - I think a year of the inhaler is equivalent to one "rescue" dose of steroids if you are having a severe attack. If your wheezing only occurs while you have a cold, then it is not considered asthma - but you can be treated by some of the same methods. Good luck!
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    Apr 2, 2009
    azalia, indiana
    I bet it is asthma. I used to get brochitis about once a winter. And the Dr. would always give me inhalers & steroids to treat it.

    But in December of 2010 I got it and didn't shake the cough off, even though I seemed to get better otherwise. Saw the doctor in March and again in May - she thought allergies and put me on allergy meds for a few weeks. Didn't really make much difference. Finally saw an allergist in August - yes, after having this mild (annoying, according to DH!) coughing for about 10 months!

    Tested me and found I was allergic to . . . . nothing. I was shocked to put it mildly!!

    So they tested me for Asthma and found the answer. I have mild, adult onset asthma at 44. I did some reading and discovered that a major componont of adult onset asthma is growing up with second hand smoke - check! Both parents smoked!

    My symptom or asthma "attack" is just a mild, nagging cough. It seems silly, and I have to remind myself when I cough more than a few times - "take the inhaler" this is your asthma attack girly! I'm also on a couple of maintenance meds for it (Advair for one) and as long as I keep up with those I seem to be ok. My Dr. is trying to wean me down to milder meds, and then off of them unless/until a flare-up.

    Good luck with this. It certainly is managable, and you'll feel better once you & your doctor get it under control [​IMG]
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    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    Done with the meds. No improvement. The inhaler does a little but not much. I have another sinus infection and my tonsils look aweful. Anywho went out and bought another neti pot and trying the natural route. So far the only thing the antibiotics did is give me a day or so that was marginally better and tummy issues. Thank goodness for kefir. I am very very frustrated. I just feel useless when I am like this. Everything rides on me getting stuff done and being sick is seriously messing with that.

    Anywho trying my best to get over this still. Salt water in the neti pot. Salt water gargling. Extra vit d. Extra vit C. Pouring tea with lemon and honey down me as fast as I can. Lots of Kefir. Lots of homemade veggie soup. Tomorrow I am resorting to chicken soup with massive amounts of garlic. Its a good thing I love garlic. My husband thinks lack of rest is the problem, well not like I can rest when everything falls apart when I do. So stinking frustrated.

    I can see him taking on my day now while I sleep.
    Finish sewing daughters skirt
    Applique a t shirt to go with daughters skirt for her fashion review for 4h
    Help daughter finish sewing her skirt that is due at the end of the week, Oh and attatch all the embellishments too.
    Run daughter to 4h for meeting
    run daughter to church for AHG Meeting
    Set up boy scout camp card selling at ........ for friday
    Arrange 2 play dates for 2 of the kids
    clean out chick brooders
    turn 60 eggs breakfast, lunch and dinner time.
    do dishes
    finish laundry
    Clean house
    get all animals fed
    clean out van.

    Well thats my list for tomorrow and thats typical. When he says he will cover for me, what he really means is almost nothing will die while you sleep but things will fall to pieces and children will be crying, dirty and hungry when you wake up. This sick thing just needs to bugger off and leave me alone. I do not have time for this. grrrr What I really need is sleep and Mary Poppins and Merry Maids. I am going to bed and praying I feel better in the morning.
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    Apr 2, 2009
    azalia, indiana
    Any better today? I sure hope so, it stinks to be sick and have a big "to do" list [​IMG]

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