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    Ok, the chickens are 8 weeks old and in the coop full time. I have just a few questions:

    When can I give them all kinds of treats and grit? Are they able to digest most everything now?

    When should I clip their wings so they can free range in the yard some of the time?

    Do I still need to worry about a heat lamp if the night time temps are in the high 30's?

    Side note: I have a home in Mexico where the chickens are everywhere. My housekeeper there lives with 30 magnificent roos in her backyard!! She thinks my little chicken family of 5 is pretty funny. Unfortunately, the roosters are her husbands and for fighting but it is a culturally accepted sport in Mexico. Makes me sad but its not my business. She only has 3 hens...
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    They can definitely digest grit and treats now. You might want to keep the heat on a little longer, since only 5 together don't make for much snuggle warmth. I don't know about wing clipping. There's probably not much point til they are fully feathered. They probably won't fly away anyway. Mine RARELY fly, and almost never go out of site of the coop. Try putting them in a "chicken tractor". An upside down baby playpen, wire cage with no bottom, etc will allow them to forage but not fly off.
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