okay finally saw tiny gray mites how do I get it to microscope slide? also is lots of rain bad time

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    Nov 23, 2013
    I usually do a Butt check most nites. Well not too much lately in last week or two. So did so last nite.. SO tried some Sctotch tape but tiny creature fell fell off. So how do I get some and get to microscope slide? I still havent opened the expensive new microscope box I sent for.They are so tiny prob cant even pick up with tweezers.....
    well saw Baby Girl had redness and some light scabbing on her butt. I thought Roo Roo too rough. As well most of the Girls have feather loss on their backs.
    Looked even closer with my trusty Ryobi LED flashlight 18 volts...
    **** saw some tiny tiny gray movements. that did it Went to garage and got Poultry Dust and clean old socks. I powered all their butt in BOTH coops.even though it was dark and was really tired...also powdered their wooden roosts,,,,
    so cleaned the big 18 by 26 trays POOP TRAYS this morning as usual before another hard rain shower,
    A liitle later this morning reached for egg under roost bds. then saw movement on my hand and wrists. tiny tiny gray creepos.It is almost like you are seeing things.....
    NOW its WAR on mites or whatever.
    So I locked them out of the older coop....I guess I will burn the shavings from coops.
    Im going to sweep out all the pine shvings.. Maybe spray with Pry spray bought esp for them a while back...Not much shavings, anyway. slowly been removing anyway since they have a rubber mat under the shavings..and its hot outside.
    Several wont lay in the new coops Plastic totes, veg bins big ones from Walm.
    they seem to like the old spots under the old roosts. esp since where the former 3 sectioned outside nestboxes stuck out. took out the cedar nestbox prev and closed up.
    so to give them more ventilation took down that metal and put in hdwe cloth. so its prob nicer under their now
    I just hope didnt carry them into house the mites. They maybe in the grass also....RAH
    so much rain. Is that possible since so many wild birds around and voles and prob mites. Def have moles and possible gophers tearing up the yard, as well as rabbits wild rabbits. Lazy Kiity doesnt chase them much the rabbits etc.
    thanks all
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    Entomologists use a bottle with a stopper that has two tubes. One long tube is for sucking with your mouth and the other tube is used to vacuum up small insects or mites. Use gauze in the the tube you suck with so you don't suck mites down your throat. The roost is a good place to get specimens. When you are done remove the stopper and add a few drops of acetone to kill and preserve the specimens. Now you can examine them under a scope in a drop of water on a slide.
    I had a bad mite problem in an old coop a long time ago. I think I painted the roost branches with cedar oil or some pesticide. It seemed to help.
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    Nov 23, 2013
    I looked it up called a "pooter" saw one on EBay and homemade ones on youtube. I dont see how they could be picked or sucked up. SO very very tiny....
    I cleanned the one coop so far with listerine and Flea and tick shampoo in a hose end sprayer. Used prob more than needed then rinsed lightly with hose,took out the rubber mat after removing all the pine shavings. I got a few on me while taking a dustpan and scooping up the pine. but time I walked to house to get scotch tape lost em or they fell off my hand
    Checked Baby Girl tonight they are still there not a lot that I can see, but her sores look opened. so put some Neosporin on her and a little more poultry dust.I also smeared poultry dust on the nely washed roost
    They must be the type of mites that live on them mostly
    bought some peppermint DRbronner type liquid soap to try for dipping them. more vinegar too
    Finally found the post on this forum about such.https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/380228/natural-organic-chicken-lice-treatment
    but TWO cups of soap or detergent seems excessive
    anyone else used such. it the post from JULY 2010.....???
    I also have that Elector stuff.that Michael Apple mentioned. got find out how to use it
  4. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    Will neosporin smother any remaining tiny mites on Baby Girls broken skin ?
    Today I bathe her in ... 3 diff totes .first epsom salt, Then Bonner Peppermint soap water, then last tote rinsed in clear wtr and lil white vinegar. But I dont think her vent got emerged. She wouldnt sit down. I kept splashing the water on her.in each of the totes.
    Tonight I squirted collidal silver on her vent area several times, then the generic Neosporin.. she just wont hold still even on the roost and aiming a flashlight.. I dusted her belly etc with poultry dust again and the roost. It looks like several still on her open sore area. Those things are so TINY. you think youre seeing things
    I concerned something else may burn that area. I should have used that "Rooster Booster" spray that contains tea tree .
    I just pray I dont bring them into the house via my shoes etc. I hot wash my clothes right away. and I wont bring the couple of towels into the house till they go directly into the hot water in the wsh machine
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    The poultry dust is obviously not working. You have to get her completely soaked through to the skin to consider it a bath. Are you using warm water? Elector is very effective, but you need to thoroughly treat the coop, too.
  6. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    of course warm wtr....
    she def was soaked. she took quite a while to dry.....she was so wet. even though I kept towels on her for a while. changed towels several times before she got away....
    she seems a lot better. I keep putting neosporin on her bottom every nite even though it looks like she has healed.....also put it on her back as roo does a job on their backs I check their bottoms with a strong flashlight
    thanks anyway
    I would like to make up some POULTRY protector. someone mentioned it a while back My Spray bottle of it doesnt last long.... It supposely Citric acid pot sorbate, yeast etc.
    I already have citric acid
    thanks yall

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