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The Princess and I are leaving for vacation on Wed., and I am getting nervous.
I hate to leave my animals, I hate to leave my home, and I hate to leave my comfort zone.

We fly into Prague, Czech republic and spend two days there.
Board a river boat and cruise down the Danube to Regensburg in Bavaria
Cruise to Passau, Germany.
Cruise to Salzburg, Austria.
Cruise the Wachau Valley/Durnstein
To Vienna for days 7 & 8
Cruise to Bratslava, Czechoslovakia
Days 10-13 in Budapest
Home on day 14

Activities/tours are provided at all stops by the cruise line, or you can venture out on your own. We will be spending an extra day in Budapest. You might ask, "Why do this if it causes you such anxiety?" Well, the Princess tolerates my quirkiness and idiosyncracies and still manages to love/like me. I do this for her. She has always wanted to go to Budapest. Her maternal grandparents immigrated to the US from there. My greatest concern is that the Gypsies may try to reclaim the Princess. Also deep inside in the rational part, I know that this will be another of "Elaine and George's great adventures."
Sounds like a great trip. Good luck with the princess and the gypsies

Do you have bulk feeders/waterers set up for the chickens?
I have a bonded/insured pet caretaker who comes in daily to take care of the animals. I also have a friend who stops by every couple of days to check on things. Dani, our golden retriever, goes to our Daughter's for summer vacation. Emergency numbers are provided, and still I am apprehensive. It's not all about the animals. Allowing others to be in control is tough for me.
You Sourland? Nervous? Never!

Well... Do you have someone reliable looking over the critters?

The Princess Loves/Likes you... of course she wouldn't let those Gypsies cart her off!

The greatest thing about adventures, is the stories you get to tell afterwards! Especially when things go wrong! It might not be fun at the moment it happens... but some time down the road, you'll open your mouth to tell the story... and if you're anything like my mom, have people in stitches!
It's a 'guy' thing! Be thrilled that you have the means to go and the help to take care of your animals while you are gone! Make your princess happy and 'let go and enjoy'...ya never know what the future holds!
Tell you what - YOU stay home and the Princess and I will send you lots of postcards!

(if that doesn't work, have a wonderful time, try not to fret)
The first time I had to leave my pets in the care of a petsitter, I was a nervous wreck. I called on a daily basis. Everybody survived and I now have three petsitters just in case one or the other is already booked up.

Have fun on your trip!
And the funniest part is that right now I would consider that, but the Princess who was just reading this thread said very emphatically, "Get over it-You are going." She's tough.
I feel for you, brother.

My wife wants to go to Hawaii. I've told her she can go,
just be sure to call and let me know she's okay. I'm not

As I get older I find myself less inclined to venture far from
home. My theory is that I've spent my whole life gathering
up this stuff, and now I need to stay home and enjoy it.

She can go anywhere she wants to. But I'm not going.

Some of what I say on here is meant to be funny. But there is
generally a bit of truth in it also. I like my rocking chair on the
front porch. I like it a lot.

I have a total phobia of other people's bathrooms. I WILL come
home to use my own bathroom. If we're in town...we're coming
home, then go back. It's only 20 miles each way. No, I don't want
to use someone else's shower...no matter how much they say it's
clean...I know better.

And gypsies...Don't get me started.

But you can go. Just be sure and check in when you can.

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