Okay...they ate the mealworms and...

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    the bedding the mealworms came in too?
    We happened to visit the "big city" today, so I used the opportunity to go to PetSmart and get them 100 mealworms. It was almost roost time by the time we got home and I wanted to give them to them today. So I dumped the whole containers on the ground, bedding (what is it? sawdust?) and all.
    The mealworms were gone in less than 3 minutes, but when I went out later to lock their coop I noticed they'd eaten the bedding too.
    I doubt it will hurt them, but wanted to be sure?
    Was I s'pose to hand them the nasty little boogers one by one?
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    Meal worms are packed in wheat bran. Your chickens should be nice and loose tomorrow, with all that fiber :)

    Seriously, I believe it is fine though a bit on the fatty acid side.
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    The next time you get some you can start your own colony in a bucket with a screen over it and don't have to buy them anymore

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