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***OKIES in the BYC III ***

Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by Buckguy20, May 9, 2011.

  1. Buckguy20

    Buckguy20 OKIE MOSES

    Apr 13, 2007
    Choctaw Oklahoma
    Welcome to the "Okies in the BYC"
    We are a group of chicken loving people from Oklahoma and a few states beyond. Please jump in and tell us about yourself and your birds.

    The BYC Staff asks that everyone take a moment to read the rules here
    https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/misc.php?action=rules, particularly the part about flaming, trolling, teasing and fighting.

    Remember that all threads are subject to these rules.
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  2. CityClucks

    CityClucks The Center of a 50 Mile Radius

    Jan 31, 2009
    Tulsa, OK
    Chatting with and reading about the activities of my fellow BYC Okies is one of the joys of my day. Thank you BYC!
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  3. CityClucks

    CityClucks The Center of a 50 Mile Radius

    Jan 31, 2009
    Tulsa, OK
    Monty - I will be bringing that little Wellie roo you gave me to POOPS. I know you don't have very many roosters and are always on the hunt for them - would you like him?
  4. okiehen

    okiehen Chillin' With My Peeps

    Oct 25, 2007
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Its a beautiful day in Oklahoma.
    I just had to say Hi today.[​IMG]
    Last edited: May 10, 2011
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  5. Grace'sDad

    Grace'sDad Chillin' With My Peeps

    May 4, 2009
    Southwestern Oklahoma
    Thanks AGAIN Monty. (and Al and Terrilacy)
  6. Sooner

    Sooner My kids Mom!

    Mar 22, 2009
    Glad to see a new thread, I hope everyone reads the rules & remembers this is everyone's board & we need to think about the good of the group above all else.

    Monty, since you gave me all that cold last week I have ordered up a nice toasty day today!! [​IMG]
  7. Stray

    Stray Chillin' With My Peeps

    Mar 22, 2009
    Dude... I hate not being on here often... School, that's all I have to say...
  8. Buckguy20

    Buckguy20 OKIE MOSES

    Apr 13, 2007
    Choctaw Oklahoma
    Quote:I melted yesterday! Supposed to be 95 today.
    I think it will be well over 100 again in Al land!
  9. Buckguy20

    Buckguy20 OKIE MOSES

    Apr 13, 2007
    Choctaw Oklahoma
    Quote:You can bring him, I am sure we can find a home for him.
    I have almost 200 chicks now so I don't really need him back but I don't want you get thrown in jail over rooster violations. [​IMG]
  10. Buckguy20

    Buckguy20 OKIE MOSES

    Apr 13, 2007
    Choctaw Oklahoma
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    OK Here is a revised list of those coming to POOPS in Fletcher on MAY 14.
    I am trying to get as accurate of a headcount as I can.
    Please check the list and let me know of any omissions, additions or subtractions
    and I will update the list.
    Hope to see everyone there.

    Al6517: 3
    ArtsyRobin: 1
    AshleyGray: 4
    Coop101: 1
    Cuban Longtails: 1
    Bethinoklahoma: 4
    BetsyOK: 2
    Buckguy: 2
    Buster52: 4
    Carla/Eggman: 2
    CarterFamily: 2
    CayuseRanch: 4
    Chicklooker &
    CityClucks: 2
    Crestedchicklover: 3
    Doc Henry: 2
    Donnie: 1
    Elwood Lightfoot: 1
    Firefly89: 2
    FunChick: 2
    Greybear: 6
    GotGame: 2
    Havinfun: 2
    Jaycatblum: 4
    Kwartel: 1
    Luvs2bmemaw: 2
    MichaelDaugherty: 2
    m.ruzycki: 2
    MiMis_Place: 1
    Mjgigax: 2
    momma_raven: 2
    muesky: 2
    NNbreeder: 2
    Nocityboy: 1
    Okie Amazon: 2
    Okiechick57: 5
    OkieChickenDad: 4
    Okieracefan: 2
    Oklahoma Lightning: 2
    Old*Cowboy: 1
    PocoPollo: 4
    Poultryand Bees: 3
    PrettyPoultry:-- 2
    QueenPeaches: 5
    sgtmck1: 5
    Sjarvis: 4
    Smfamf: 4
    sred98: 3
    Stimpy: 3
    Stray: 3
    Sooner: 3
    Teach: 3
    TheBarnSwallow: 9
    TulsaFeathers: 2

    Last edited: May 9, 2011
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