Old girls return from a long break

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    We have a small flock, so they are pretty close knit. Tina died suddenly last August (I think she ate something bad, she got sick, weak and went in two days), and the others were pretty upset. Mossy and Goldie immediately stopped laying, and Tessa stopped a couple weeks later. They were getting on in years, so we added a couple of pullets. Fast forward to this weekend. Mossy will be five years old in a month, she's blind in one eye, splay legged, so she has trouble getting around but she's strong and feisty; and Tessa will be four next month. Mossy just resumed laying after a hiatus of over 7 months, she has laid two eggs in the past 3 days, and this morning Tessa just laid her first egg in over 6 months.

    Between their age and how long it had been, we really didn't expect them to ever lay again. Quite a wonderful surprise.

    One of these is from Mossy, the other from Tessa:

    Mossy, in January

    Goldie on the left, Tessa on the right.
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    The eggs must have been perfect, they took forever to make. My older girls will occasionally lay an egg too up until about 5-6, then most retire. Nice.

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