Old hen making an odd squawk

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    Oct 13, 2010
    Do you have any ideas for me?

    We have a 6-7 year old red star/brown sexlink hen. She has been walking around making an odd squawking sound. She does not do it all the time. Sounds a bit like a young roo trying to learn to crow.

    Now she does have one spur, so half a crow would be fitting.

    But we kind of think she something in her throat. It could be something she swallowed or some kind of growth. She is NOT friendly, so only time we can grab her is at night. Thought we might try and see if we can see or feel anything in her throat.

    But any ideas what to do?

    She acts like usual, nothing out of the ordinary and she has been making odd sounds for a while, I just got worse the past few days. It has been super windy....and my allergies are bad, but do chickens have allergies?

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