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NewI have actually been here since March 19 2012. I started having chickens in August 2011. But the trophy thing doesn't say the truth.

However that's not my point in reintroducing myself.

I had been raising chickens for about 5 years. All my neighbors around me have dogs. They love the taste of my chickens. My flock had made it up to about 60. Then one day I come hope and there are shredded dead bodies all over my yard. I had already had a history with 2 different neighbor's dogs, and one of their cats. So I got extremely discouraged and quit for about a year.

I started a new flock on may 15th 2017.
So I have 11 Chickens now and 6 turkeys coming in next week.

And I literally destroyed and threw away all my chicken stuff. So I am completely starting over. But at least this time I have experience.

So I'm back, and I'm hoping to keep with the good experiences and no more encounters with my neighbors dogs. My wife talked me into it about "how I spoiled her with good eggs", or how "once you've had your own turkey store bought arn't really turkeys".

I have only been back on here today but for those of us unexperienced with social media this is pretty difficult to navigate. Or at least me ........ so far
Hang in there as one who is social media phobic I am handling it pretty well. Hey I have family in Yuciapa.... some cousins I believe.

Welcome back. I too have lost whole flocks to predators and its pretty disheartening... sigh. Last time was four years ago and I am chomping at the bit to get started again.

Feral dogs are my bane as well. Coyotes and bobcats take what they need .... dogs kill because they forgot that whole reason for it.

My next set up will involve cattle panels for a physical barrier with Hot wire to Discourage em. giving them something interesting to sniff right on the wire to make em zap themselves works pretty well. Once they know the fence bites they will give it a wide berth.

Also I found by putting up a sight guard to keep the dogs from causally seeing in is a help. Same dogs were chasing my goats outside the fence. Sight guard calmed everyone down.

Unfortunately for me some of my losses were due to bobcat and Raccoon... So my coop area will be fort KNox and everyone will be locked up tight at night.

Any way... :welcome again....

Hi and welcome back to BYC - great to hear that you are resuming your hobby. Don't worry, this version of BYC is new to us all so we are learning collectively how to find our way around.

Best wishes
Ok do any of you know how to turn off the email alerts. I want them back on when I come to the site but don't want them flooding my email
Ok do any of you know how to turn off the email alerts. I want them back on when I come to the site but don't want them flooding my email
Go to your Account, then Alert Preferences and you should be able to sort that issue out.

ETA: those instructions were for computer, not phone. I should have made that clear
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It's actually just under preferences, alert preferences is only on the site.

Should look like this.


The only thing is that you have to go to threads and hit unwatch then hit watch again to set it to the new no email setting.

Maybe @Nifty-Chicken could make that automatic eventually.

Anyway, Nifty and the team only switched the site over to the new server what? Yesterday? So it is new to all of us! It's similar to BYH if you were ever on there.

And the site was actually closed for about a week so you picked the perfect time to come back!!!!

Welcome back, btw!

And so sorry for your losses :(

Did you ever talk to your neighbors? Maybe they could (and should) contain their dogs or even pay. It was a while ago now though but they still should contain them.

But you are right, nothing beats fresh eggs! My dad and brother won't even eat store eggs anymore
If you are allowed to have electrified fencing around your coop and run perimeter, it would be good to do so. Then the fence "bites back," and the dogs/cats whatever will decide there is something else they rather do.

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